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Things To Do In St. Louis In The Winter

Things To Do In St. Louis In The Winter

St. Louis is filled with so many different things to do during the winter time! Here is a list of some of our favorite things!

St. Louis is an exciting place all year long, but it’s twice as exciting during the winter months. Winter in St. Louis is a time when all the regular exciting places become so much more. The Zoo isn’t just a place to see animals, Forest Park isn’t just a park, the Botanical Gardens has so much to offer than gorgeous flowers. During the winter there are so many amazing things to do in St. Louis, here is a list of just a few of them.

Sled Down Art Hill

For most of the year Art Hill is just an area in Forest Park located between the St. Louis Art Museum and the Emerald Grand Basin. Throughout the year the spot is used for various events like the Art Hill Film Series in the summer. But during the winter, when it snows, Art Hill is used for sledding. Or if sledding isn’t your thing you can always start up a snowball fight.

Ice Skating at Steinberg Skating Rink

Steinberg Skating Rink is a large outdoor skating rink located in Forest Park. This is the largest skating rink in the Midwest and offers public skating all day every day from November through February. Besides skating there is a fire pit, an indoor/outdoor eating area that offers a variety of food and drinks, and at night the rink is decorated with pretty lights.


Winter Wonderland at Tilles Park

Every Winter Tilles Park is decorated with beautiful Christmas lights displays, transforming it into a twinkling Winter Wonderland. Winter Wonderland is open from mid-November until the end of December. The park is open to both walking tours and vehicular tours. If you want to make the tour extra special, you can ride in a horse drawn carriage through the park.

Delmar Loop Ice Carnival

The Delmar Loop is already an exciting part of St. Louis. The street is filled with great restaurants and amazing stores to visit throughout the year. During the winter the streets of the Loop are transformed into weekend long Ice Carnival. The events of the Ice Carnival kickoff on Friday night with the Snowball, a party with drinks, music, ice inspired fashion and other fun frosty things. Saturday and Sunday are dedicated to various outdoor events like zip lining, an ice slide, ice sculpture demonstrations, ice putt putt golf, fire performers, and so much more!

Climatron at the Botanical Gardens

If you’re looking for something to do during the winter in St. Louis that’s a bit more on the warm side of things, you should check out the Climatron at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. The Climatron is a greenhouse surrounded by a geodesic dome. Inside, the Climatron mimics a tropical rainforest with lush green foliage and waterfalls. Walk around the Climatron and view over 2,000 beautiful plants while enjoying the warm 85-degree temperature.

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Garden Glow at the Botanical Gardens

From November through January the Missouri Botanical Gardens turns into a winter wonderland of festive lights and holiday music. Enjoy walking though the gardens while enjoying light installations, food, drinks and various other events throughout the holiday season.

Skiing at Hidden Valley

When thinking of St. Louis, the last thing you would think of is a ski resort but that’s exactly what Hidden Valley is. Located in Wildwood, Hidden Valley has many runs covered in snow created by a snow machines. With a variety of runs ranging from beginner to advanced, Hidden Valley has a run for everyone. Besides the skiing and snowboarding visitors can enjoy snow tubing at Polar Plunge. If you need to get in out of the cold for a bit you can enjoy a variety of food and drinks in the resort’s cafeteria.

What are some things you like to do during the winter in St. Louis? Comment below!
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