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10 Things To Do In Order To Have A Productive Morning Routine

Having a productive morning routine can be the perfect start to a successful day. We all know that especially now during quarantine, it can be tempting to sleep in and binge watch Netflix shows all day. If you take time and plan out a morning routine for yourself you will feel more excited to get up early and start your day! Sometimes its hard to stay motivated but staring your day with something that makes you happy can make the biggest difference. Try out some of these tips to help increase your productivity in the morning. 

1. Wake Up Early

Although it might be temping to hit the snooze button just one last time, you should make it a goal to wake up right as your first alarm goes off. Nobody wants to be the one waking up five minutes before that Zoom meeting you have for work with bed head and looking tired. Waking up early can set the perfect tone for a productive day. We all know the saying, “the early bird gets the worm” and that is most certainly true! Being up as early as the sunrise can give you time for yourself to relax and set your day up. If you are a night owl this might seem impossible for you, but it’s not! Try going to bed a few minutes earlier each night which will make it easier to wake up or you can wake up a few minutes earlier each day and try to get your body into a routine. Setting your alarm a few minutes earlier each morning ( I know that doesn’t sound too appealing) will help you accomplish great things each day!

2. Read

Set some time aside in the morning to read one of your favorite books. Sit outside or in a comfy part of your house and read a few pages. Reading a motivational book about your work or any that interest you can inspire you throughout the day. Reading is a way of relaxing and distressing your mind. Taking this time to not be looking at your phone or computer is the perfect way to start your morning and get some time to yourself. This could be a part of the morning you look forward to everyday. Getting a few pages in each day is way to increase your happiness in the mornings. 

3. Meditate

Some of you might not be morning people but trying to meditate each morning will definitely put you in a better mood. Meditation has so many amazing benefits that can relieve anxiety, stress, and make you more relaxed. Meditation might sound intimidating but anyone can do it. Put your phone away and go to a place in your house or outside where you can be relaxed and comfortable. Light a candle and put some meditation music on to help. Emptying your mind and focusing on your body and surroundings can relieve all your stress for the day. Mediation is a method that you can apply to your daily life in order to stay focused. Meditating in the morning can set your day up for success and a clear, happy mind. 

4. Make Coffee

Coffee is a great way to kick start your morning. I know for me, I cant start my day without having a cup of coffee. Coffee is something to look forward to each morning. It is a perfect way to make yourself feel comfortable and relaxed in the morning. For some pope the caffeine is exactly what they need to wake them up each morning. If you’re not a morning person, coffee can boost your energy and mood. 

5. Journal

When you wake up early it can be tempting to get right into the day and start working. Taking a few minutes in the morning to write down things you are thankful for is a great way to have a more productive day.  This can set you up with a positive attitude for the rest of the day. You can also write down your favorite motivational quotes to read through out the day or even set up a schedule for your day. Journaling for a few minutes each morning can set you up for a productive and positive day. 


6. Exercise

Not many people want to wake up early and get right to exercising, but this is a great way to start a productive morning. This could be going for a walk around your neighborhood or even going to the gym. Getting into a routine of exercising each morning will set your day up for success. Getting a workout in before you start the day can motivate you to eat healthier and make healthier choices. If you get moving early in the morning you will not worry about having to schedule time for a workout during your day. You will feel better and have more energy after the workout. 

7. Make A Healthy Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast is an essential part of a productive morning routine. A lot of people don’t like to eat breakfast in the morning which is understandable if you are not a morning person. This is okay, don’t force yourself to eat when you first wake up, just wait until you are hungry. Pass on the cereal and heavy breakfast sandwiches, and make a healthy meal.  Eating sugary and unhealthy food can make you feel slow and tired for the rest of the day. Making eggs, avocado toast, or oatmeal with a side of fruit can be the perfect breakfast. Starting your day with healthy food that will give you energy for the day is a great way to feel productive for the rest of the day. 

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8. Make A Schedule

Making a schedule can set your day up for great success. This can be planning out your work schedule and daily tasks. Making this when you wake up in the morning can help you out so much. Working from home, or even doing online classes can be hard to keep track of sometimes. Writing down the daily tasks you would like to accomplish can help you stay organized. Don’t forget to set aside time to relax and take a few minutes to take a break from working. This is something you can do in order to have a productive morning routine. Making a schedule early in the morning will keep your day and morning on track. 

9. Make Your Bed

After you wake up making your bed might not be the first thing in your mind. If you just take a few minutes to make your bed first thing after you wake up then it will set the tone for the whole day. Making your bed will make you feel neat and organized. When your room is messy it cam make your mind feel messy and cluttered as well. Cleaning your room at night can make the biggest difference. Waking up to a fresh room and then making your bed to complete it can be the best feeling. This will motivate you to keep the rest of your day organized as well. Making this a habit is the perfect way to have a productive morning routine!

10. Get Ready

Some people might find it appealing to wake up throw some sweats on and call it a day. Although that can be very tempting right now in quarantine, Getting ready can make your morning so much more productive. Jump in the shower, wash your face, and do your hair! Getting yourself together and feeling refreshed for the day can make such a difference. If you are in sweats all day it will make you feel like it’s time to lay in bed or watch a movie. Throwing on some jeans or your favorite workout set can make you feel more productive and ready to start a successful day.

Trying out some of these things to do can make you have such a productive morning routine! If you tried some out, let us know what some of your favorite things to do in the morning are in the comments below!

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