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Things To Do In Chicago When The Weather Sucks

Things To Do In Chicago When The Weather Sucks

Rainy Chicago weather can be draining, as it is known for, but fortunately, the city is still full of entertaining things to do! If the forecast says rain and you’re visiting, no need to be alarmed. Find a list here of what the Windy City has to offer when the weather just sucks!

Shedd Aquarium

The Shedd Aquarium is one of Chicago’s biggest attractions. It’s filled with a diverse number of animals, 32,000 to be exact, that you can watch and learn more about all day long. Seriously, this aquarium can and will keep you occupied for hours! Some of their most popular exhibits include “The Caribbean Reef,” “The Wild Reef,” and “Waters of the World.” If you’re an animal lover like me, then I highly recommend this place no matter the weather. 


Water Tower Place

Shopping on a rainy day is honestly therapeutic. Water Tower Place is home to 100 stores and a delicious food court, making for a perfect environment when the weather is sucky and you just want to stay in one place for a while. If you’re looking to kill some time and are waiting for the storm to pass, then consider coming here to occupy yourself. 

Escape Room

Looking for the ultimate thrilling experience? Try an escape room! Chicago actually has quite a few and they’re all pretty exhilarating. There’s the Escape Game Chicago, Escape Artistry, PanIQ Escape Room, and so many more! You can pick which type of escape room you’d like to go to depending on the atmosphere you’re looking for.

The Escape Game Chicago is one of the most popular ones. Their rooms are said to have so much attention and detail to them that they make it feel extremely realistic, which can be scary but in a good way. 


SPIN Chicago

SPIN is more than just a typical restaurant. It’s also a hangout spot with ping-pong tables, global food, and a DJ. Although they seem to take their ping-pong games rather serious here, you and a group of friends can play for hours or until you get tired of it. While you’re playing, you can fill up on all the snacks and drinks your heart desires!

They also offer other fun games like Jenga (the giant version) and Connect Four. Moral of the story is you’ll have a hard time getting bored at a place like this because there’s so much to do. 


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Explore Eataly

Rainy weather and food just mix well. At Eataly, an Italian marketplace that is located at 43 E. Ohio St., you can find an abundance of food and groceries to buy and eat, as well as explore. They have cafes, restaurants, and even their own cooking school. It’s rather big, with over 63,000 square ft. of space, leaving plenty of room for various restaurants and bars to make their mark. They also have counters with a variety of grab-and-go items like the cannoli and granita bar, a gelato bar, and even a Nutella bar! 


Garfield Park Conservatory

Located in the East Garfield Park neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago, The Garfield Park Conservatory, home to 184 acres, is full of some of the most stunning botanical gardens in the nation. While you’re here, you can probably pretend like you’re somewhere tropical instead of the Windy City. Their palm house, which is 65 ft high and 90 ft wide, is the conservatories largest room. Here, you’ll find an idealized tropical landscape full of 70 different kinds of palms, along with plenty of other beautiful plants. 


Who said you had to stay inside when the weather in Chicago is gross? Leave it up to places like this to brighten your day and mood! Let us know in the comments below which place you’d like to visit the most. 

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