10 Things To Do For Free Around FSU

Let’s face it, we’re broke college kids. From paying rent/utilities, alcohol funds (including our 2 a.m. Taco Bell), sororities dues and our übers to and from Pots, it’s safe to say there’s a dent in our wallets. So what does that leave us to do on the weekends if we wanna have fun for free? Keep reading to find out 10 exciting free things to do around FSU.


1. Kayak, paddle board, play volleyball, canoe and much more for free on Lake Bradford.

FSU’s 73 acre lakefront property that’s perfect if you’re looking for a day in the sun, with a little bit of adventure. Did I mention it’s FREE for all FSU students?

2. Dorothy B. Oven Park

Located off Thomasville Road, any flower fanatic would go crazy in this six acre garden that features a range of different vibrant flowers throughout. Open from sunrise to sunset, you can also checkout the hundreds of sparkling lights during the holidays.

3. FSU Museum of Fine Arts

Apart of the College of Fine Arts, this museum has much to offer it’s viewers with interesting sculptures, eccentric paintings and photography shows. This might be a good place to go with your girlfriends or even on a date during a rainy Tallahassee day.

4. The Governor’s Mansion

If you’re into antiques and seeing rich parts of history, the Governor’s Mansion might just spark your interest. Located off North Adams Street, you can take a tour of the mansion that holds antique furnishings and gifts from national dignitaries. It’s also been lived in by twelve different state governors!

5. Elinor-Klapp Phillips Park

Calling all nature lovers, this is a park for you. This 670 acre piece of land offers you plenty to do such as hiking, biking and even butterfly trails. A great way to spend your Sunday afternoon, completely free.

6. Go for a stroll through Lake Ella

With a calming, peaceful view of the lake, you can go for a quiet walk through the park with your dog or walk around with some friends. If you have a little extra cash on hand, you can grab a cappuccino from the coffee shop or even check out a few of the boutiques.


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7. Cascades Park

If you haven’t been to Cascades yet, you’re missing out. Cascades features an open green field with picnic areas, benches and holds a spectacular amphitheater. Stay updated on events to find out when live bands are playing!

8. A walk through College Town

The college town area has so much to see, especially our hipster friends. Walking down Gaines Street, you’ll pass numerous coffee shops, and places with a hipster vibe. You can even stop and take cool pictures in front of the walls painted with vibrant designs and colors. Everyone needs more cool pictures for Instagram, am I right?

9. Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park

Not only does this park offer hiking and bike trails, you can also go horseback riding through the horse trails. Of course, there are picnic spots and even places to fish if you’re into that sort of thing. This park is obviously breathtaking with it being a hot spot for outdoor weddings.

10. Doak Campbell Stadium

Home to the Florida State University football team, if you’ve never actually checked out the stadium, you need to. It’s absolutely beautiful. With football season approaching, this is a nice little way to get your excitement flowing. Go Noles.

With not a lot of money at this age, it doesn’t hurt to find out fun things to do near campus for free. With these 10 different ideas, I’m sure something will spark your interest. Let’s get out there and explore!

Let us know what you think about these free things to do around FSU! Drop us a line!!
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