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10 Things To Do During Your Engagement

10 Things To Do During Your Engagement

Check out these things to do during your engagement! These tips and tricks will give you the best proposal experience.

It finally happened. The man of your dreams, your best friend, just got down on one knee with the most perfect ring and asked you to spend forever with him. Pop the champaign and have a toast to your future! Getting engaged is one of the most special moments in everyone’s life. You’ve told your family and friends, and you’ve celebrated. Now what? Sit back, take it all in and read about these 10 things to do during your engagement.

1. Have a weekend to yourselves to just enjoy being engaged

After all the celebrating with friends and family and the beginning stages of wedding planning, try to find time off to spend with your other half. Find a weekend without any wedding-related appointments and just hangout as an engaged couple. Go on a romantic date, or just have a cozy dinner at home and watch Netflix on the couch all night. Between your relatives already asking when the big day is and your friends asking for the proposal story, don’t forget to have some time alone to truly enjoy being a newly engaged couple.


2. Take engagement photos

Engagement photo sessions have been majorly trending in recent years–and for good reason! What better way to show your excitement as a newly engaged couple and capture such an important relationship milestone than having an engagement photoshoot? Even if your other half isn’t really a picture person, remind him how great it’ll be to look back five or 10 years from now to relive the special time of being newly engaged. The photos are also great to use for save-the-dates and wedding invitations!

3. Start budgeting, like yesterday

Unless your dream wedding is an intimate elopement with your other half, weddings aren’t cheap. Before you fully commit to wedding planning, you’ll need to sit down and talk about a budget. Once you have that number, start to actively budget throughout your engagement to add some wiggle room for any last minute changes or additions for your big day. Even if you feel like you already have the amount you need, save it for your dream honeymoon.


4. Day dream together about what your marriage will look like in the near future

Maybe you already did this while you were just boyfriend and girlfriend, but now it’s official. Go to your favorite place together, away from all hustle and bustle of normal everyday life, and just talk about what your marriage goals are. It may sound cheesy, but it’s an important thing that every engaged couple should to together. Doing this gives you both a chance to talk about what your individual life goals are and how you’ll each be able to adjust and support one another throughout the process of achieving these goals as a team. This is something important for things to do during your engagement.

5. Go on double-dates

Since the moment you get engaged, you and your S.O. basically become a package deal when it comes to social outings. And no, that’s not a bad thing! It just means that you like to spend as much time together as possible, and you like having fun out and about together. There’s no better time than during your engagement to start going on double-dates with other couples to help make the transition into married life a lot easier!


6. Discuss what your annual traditions will be

When you’re just dating someone, sometimes holidays aren’t always spent in the same town or even the same state. It’s a different story once you get engaged and then when you’re married. Again, it’s like you’re a package deal now. How does your S.O.’s family spend their holidays? Almost every family has their annual traditions that just never get old. During your engagement is the perfect time to start talking what family traditions you want to adopt or how you’ll create new ones as a newly married couple.

7. Spend a weekend strategizing your wedding registry together

Deciding on items to register for isn’t something that can be done in just a few minutes or without your other half present. Take a Saturday afternoon and go out “window shopping” with your fiancé to start thinking about items you want to include on your registry. If you don’t know where to even begin, start with a glass of wine and Pinterest. Sit on the couch together and browse through different Pinterest boards to start getting ideas. You also want to discuss what you actually need versus what you already have. This is something important for things to do during your engagement.

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8. Hang out with your respective friends often

Your close friends will always be there for you and you’ll always be there for them–even if it’s mostly through phone conversations and late night text rants. After the big day, marriage will become your top priority and you may not always be able to make ladies’ night with your girls every week. Let them know early that things may change a little bit, but you’ll still always be there for them. Marriage doesn’t mean you’ll never see your friends again. But, it does mean that you may have other priorities or commitments to take care of a little more often. This is something important for things to do during your engagement.


9. Be open to each other’s wedding ideas

You’ve been daydreaming about your fairytale wedding since you were five, and now it’s finally starting to become a reality. The only difference is that back then, your plans were only based on your dreams and personality. It’s easy to get wrapped up in creating all the details for your special day. But, don’t forget to keep an open-mind for other suggestions from your fiancé. After all, it’s a celebration of the the both of you. This is something important for things to do during your engagement.

10. Remember to be a fiancée

In the midst of all the crazy wedding planning and budget talks, it’s important not to forget the reason for all the planning. You’re a fiancé. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Go on dates without bringing up any wedding plans. Instead, have conversations about what your marriage will look like, or the future home where you’ll raise your kids. When you spend most of your days as a busy wedding planning fiancé, time will go so fast that the big day will be there before you know it. So, don’t forget to live in the moment and just be a fiancé. This is something important for things to do during your engagement.


Which of things to do during your engagement are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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