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10 Things To Do Before Leaving FSU

10 Things To Do Before Leaving FSU

What is it about endings that make a person want to create a bucket list? Graduation is one of those bittersweet endings that bring about one of these lists. FSU has over 40,000 students in attendance and while each of us may not be able to leave our mark on it, we must ensure it leaves its mark on us. These are our golden years, the ones we look back on when we have children, who will never believe their parents were actually “cool” at one point.

1. Go to the Games

This wouldn’t be a Florida State Bucket List without our football games. In my three years at FSU, our football team could be deemed the “underdog” in most cases (let’s hope that changes before our graduation). However, game day is about so much more than winning. Gameday is the feeling of school spirit thick in the air, similar to the constant humidity. Students are covered head-to-toe in garnet and gold, screaming the war chant, and chopping the air in unison. This is our time to let go of our substandard test scores from the week before and take pride in the wonderful opportunity we have to attend Florida State. Saturdays are for celebrating our friends we have made here. For those of you who are not football fans, there are plenty of other sports events to attend. Some of these include baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, and more. Whatever you do, whichever you choose, attend a few.


2. Go Out!

They don’t call it “Tallanasty” for nothing, we are known for our parties. There are plenty of options depending on the type of atmosphere and music appeals to you most. For those who like the latest pop music and a good DJ, clubs like Yianni’s, TENN Nightclub, and Baja’s would suit your taste. Red Rocks is known for playing a mix of the latest hits with plenty of throwbacks, rock, and hip hop. Looking for an outdoor club with a pool? Recess would be the place for you. The party takes place around the pool itself with cabanas available on the sides for private parties. Let us not forget Potbellies for happy hour on Fridays; Here you’ll likely run into everyone you know. With a large backyard and plenty of music and drinks, it will be the starting place for an exciting night to remember. This is perfect for your bucket list for life, live while you’re young.

3. Go to a Halloween-themed Party

Welcome to being an adult on Halloween, this is trick-or-treating PG13. There is no shortage of themed parties at Halloween time in Tallahassee. This is the perfect time to be whoever you want to be, whether that be a pirate, a cheetah, or a straight-A student. Many of these parties are held at fraternities or on special nights at our local clubs, such as Baja’s, Recess, and TENN. Choose wisely, these themed events go on all for all of October, this could be the longest Halloween of your life.


4.  Celebrate Friendsgiving

Let me tell you a secret, the so-called “freshman fifteen” does not come from the dining halls, or even our on-campus Chick-Fil-A, it comes from Friendsgiving. Whether you’re going home to visit family or not, Friendsgiving is the perfect way to give thanks for the new family you have found here at FSU. Organize a get together before the holiday break, ask each person to bring a dish, and don’t forget the stuffing!


5. Go to the North Florida Fair

The moment you get out of the car the smell of the fried food and carnival music gives away your whereabouts, you’re at the fair. This is a great chance to step away from the stress of studying to play games for stuffed prizes, get dizzy on the swings, and enjoy a funnel cake. It takes place every fall; This year it will be in town November 7-17, I hope to see you all there.

6. Attend a College of Fine Arts Performance

FSU is a school of many talented individuals, including those in theatre, music, and dance, who put together plays and shows throughout the year. Speaking from experience, their plays are professional, creative, and well-executed. Follow this link to find a list of shows and dates:


7. Taste Every Restaurant Once

One thing I will definitely miss when I graduate is the food. There is no shortage of delicious, unique restaurants around Tallahassee, I recommend trying them all. Looking for açai bowls and healthy options? Vale Food Co., The Good Berry Açai, and 3 Natives are serving up some tasty ways to get in your fruits and veggies. Would you like to try a pizza that is unlike your typical food chain? Centrale Pizza, Parm and Bar is a trendy place to get your Italian fix. Or stop in at Momo’s for a slice of pizza “as big as your head”. If you have a sweet tooth as strong as mine, I recommend Insomnia Cookies. They are open until 3am, perfect for studying late or satisfying your late-night cravings. Insomnia Cookies can only be found around college campuses, so take advantage of it. This wouldn’t be my bucket list without the mention of food. 

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8. Trivia at Madison Social

Madison Social could be considered the heart of Collegetown. It is a popular gathering place known for its lively environment and modish vibes. Every Tuesday of the month at 7pm, teams of 4-6 players get together to compete in some friendly trivia to win gift cards to use later at Madison Social. First place winners can receive a $40 gift card to Madison Social. The theme changes from week to week and spots fill up fast; you can follow this link to register and learn more information:


9. Go to an FSU vs. UF Football Game

This is the rivalry everyone has been talking about for a very long time. Though I have done much research, there is no real reason for the bad blood between the two, but it makes for an interesting game. Let this be one of the most important items on your bucket list, and be glad you’re graduation is at FSU and not UF. It takes place the weekend after Thanksgiving each year, if you can’t be there in person, be sure to tune in.

10. Westcott Fountain

It would not be Florida State without Westcott Fountain. It has become a tradition for students on their 21st birthday to swim in the fountain, or even to dip their graduation rings in it before leaving. Don’t worry, if you get caught swimming in it, you would be the first person to actually get arrested for doing so.


After graduation, you will still have these opportunities, but they will never be as great as when you were a student trying to make the most out of your time in college. What’s on your bucket list?

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