10 Things To Do At The Georgia Aquarium

If you are looking for excitement and adventure then head out to the Georgia Aquarium located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. This is an amazing attraction for the entire family and there are many things to see and do!

1. The Ocean Voyager

This aquarium is one of the biggest aquariums in the world. The Ocean Voyager at the Georgia aquarium holds over 6.3 million gallons of water and the tunnel itself is over 100 feet in length. This exhibit was designed specifically to house the whale sharks, which are the largest fish species in the world and it is home to many other fish species. There are over fifty species of fish inside the aquarium including several different species of sharks and stingrays. If you miss your new friends, you can view them live on the Georgia Aquarium webcams.

10 Things To Do At The Atlanta Aquarium!

2. The Dolphin Encounter

The Dolphin Encounter is just one of many the Georgia Aquarium has for visitors. In the dolphin encounter, you will go behind-the-scenes of the dolphin theater and meet the dolphins face to face. You’ll experience several minutes next to the water while interacting with a dolphin in fun and different ways. You’ll meet some of the dolphin trainers and be able to ask questions about the dolphins. You will get a little wet as you play with the dolphins. The photographers will get a picture of you during the encounter, which will be included in the price of the dolphin encounter! It’ll be a splash you’ll never forget!

10 Things To Do At The Atlanta Aquarium!

3. Marine Animals-Past and Present

While you are taking a stroll through the aquarium make sure you check out the beautiful exhibits and take a minute to read the facts and get the history behind each species. You will certainly find rather interesting fossils as well.

10 Things To Do At The Atlanta Aquarium!

4. The Beluga Whales

The Georgia Aquarium is the home for a small group of beluga whales. They are mesmerizing and you can spend hours just watching them swim around. If you start to miss them, check out their live beluga whales via webcam.

10 Things To Do At The Atlanta Aquarium!

5. African Penguins

Please make sure you check out the adorable African Penguins, which are native to the rocky coasts of Southwestern Africa, in the countries of Namibia and South Africa. These little but distinctive penguins are a sight to see! Hopefully, you will visit them after a few penguin chicks have been born!

10 Things To Do At The Atlanta Aquarium!

6. Touch Pools/Tanks

The Georgia Aquarium is very kid friendly from the big to the small children. There are touch pools throughout the aquarium, which give everyone a chance to touch anemone, starfish, and more. It is a great way to get children interested in the preservation of aquatic sea life!

10 Things To Do At The Atlanta Aquarium!

7. Jellyfish

Located in the Tropical Diver exhibit is one of the best sections of the aquarium since it is inhabited by beautifully colored and mesmerizing jellyfish! The jellyfish has many different species and comes in a wide variety of colors! Check the jellyfish out on your visit!

10 Things To Do At The Atlanta Aquarium!

8. Sea Lions

If you want to see a great show check out Neptune and Jupiter in the sea lion show available each day! There is also a dolphin show available throughout the day. The sea lions really know how to make you laugh and give you a great splash! Make sure you are ready to get wet!

10 Things To Do At The Atlanta Aquarium!

9. Interactive Games and Displays

The Georgia Aquarium has display information all over the exhibits about their animals and the challenges of the species in their wild habitat, which can be accessed through interactive games and videos to make it easy to learn about the animals at the aquarium.

10 Things To Do At The Atlanta Aquarium!

10. Conservation

The Georgia Aquarium has information about conservation all over the entire facility with information regarding recycling, keeping our trash down, and trying to help conserve our planet, which will help conserve our wildlife! They get the message out to the young and old, which is great because they educate!

10 Things To Do At The Atlanta Aquarium!

Check out the Georgia Aquarium you will not be sorry because it is the adventure of a lifetime. Make sure you check out all these exhibits, which will make your trip memorable! Have you been to the Georgia Aquarium? What exhibit did you see? What would you like to see at the Georgia Aquarium? Please like, comment and share with all your sea animal loving friends!

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