15 Things To Do Around UNL When You’re Bored AF

It’s hard to imagine ever being bored at Nebraska-Lincoln; there are so many exciting things to do both on, and off campus. Yet everyone has those long days when you have way too much free time, and nothing seems appealing. Grab some friends or head out on your own, and beat your boredom with these 15 things to do around UNL when you’re bored AF.

1. Wander Around The Haymarket.

This historic market preserves a beautiful timeless style. There are great places to eat with awesome atmospheres! Check out Ivanna Cone for something sweet—easily the best ice cream in Lincoln. You can also visit the train station and some local shops!

2. Stop By The NU Coliseum.

It is a well-known place to take a romantic walk, or share a kiss at the nearby Columns. Legend has it, if a girl leaves the University of Nebraska-Lincoln without being kissed, the Columns will fall.

3. Picnic By The Broyhill Fountain.

The fountain is in front of the Student Union, and a perfect place to sit and people-watch. If it’s a hot day, dare one of your friends to take a swim—or hop in yourself!

4. Check Out The Student Union.

Play a sport on the greenspace outside, or check out Student Involvement on the second floor. They have a wall with applications for student groups on campus, updated regularly.

5. Stop And Smell The Roses (Go For A Walk).

There is an abundance of beautiful places on and near campus. Get outside and soak up that vitamin D!

6. Go On A Blind Date With A Book.

At the “A Novel Idea Book Store” you can find books wrapped in brown paper, with short phrases alluding to the contents of the book inside! You can decide to go on a blind date with the book if you like the keywords on the cover!

7. Prank Your “Across The Hall” Neighbors.

Pranks, when done in good fun, are always a boredom buster. Try out the classic toilet paper prank, or cover everything they own in post-its. Do so at your own risk!

8. Spend The Night Out.

There are a ton of cool things to do near campus. If you have money to spend, go see a movie, or waken your inner child and go play laser tag!

9. Work Out At The Rec Center.

As a student, you can use the Rec Center for free! Swimming pool, a climbing wall, gym, basketball, volleyball, spinning, yoga… the workouts are endless!

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10. Netflix: Binge It Out.

Come on, you’re probably paying for it already, might as well get your money’s worth! Make some snacks and settle in for some you-time; I’m sure you deserve it.

11. Watch A Sports Event.

How can we talk about Nebraska and not mention football? There are tons of other fun sports to watch, including volleyball and basketball. In the spring, catch a baseball game at Haymarket Park!

12. See A Show At The Leid Center For Performing Arts.

The Lied Center offers a wide variety of shows. Sometimes students can even get free tickets!

13. Visit The “Old Glory” Statue Outside CBA.

From certain angles, the statue has the letters of the alphabet in it. Try to find them!

14. Ride The Bus All Around Campus.

Hey, you get a bus pass as a student, why not? Bring some snacks and enjoy the ride.

15. Actually Be Productive.

Let’s take a moment and be real here: have you studied for that test yet? Have you? If not, there are a ton of great places to study around UNL. Whether you are looking for a little background noise or require absolute silence, there is a place for both! Check out the Unions on City or East campus if you don’t mind a little noise; and if you’re the opposite, the Love Library is your match—it has an entire room dedicated to silent studying.

These are just a few of the things to do around UNL when you’re bored. Can you think of anything else? Share in the comments!
*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.
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