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15 Things To Do Around UNH When You’re Bored AF

15 Things To Do Around UNH When You’re Bored AF

things to do around UNH

So you might not be living under the bright lights in New York City or riding the waves in Miami after class each day, but Durham isn’t that bad of a place to live! If you ever find yourself dying of boredom and needing to get out of that dorm room, there are actually some pretty fun things you can do in and around Durham when you think outside of the box. Below are 15 things to do around UNH when you’re bored AF. Have fun!

1. Take a dining hall tour.

Explore every dining hall if you haven’t already: You’d be surprised how different every dining hall is here on campus. You’re either #TeamLateNight OR #NeverTeamLateNight.

2. Visit the horse barn.

Take a walk down to the horse barn: I bet you didn’t even know we had horses on campus. But we do! And if you really want, bring the horses apples- they love it!

3. Try your luck.

Go to the wildcat and rub it’s nose; you never know when you could use some extra luck.

4. Take a hike (well sort of.)

Walk around College Woods: You’d be surprised how much time you could spend in the woods when you get lost from the trail you were on.

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5. Burn some calories.

Go to the new addition to the gym! When you’re bored why not better yourself and be proactive and go to the gym?

6. Visit downtown Durham.

Whether you want a milkshake, coffee, or acai bowl to fill your boredom, downtown has it all!

7. Make use of your quad during the warm weather.

Play a game outside in your quad. Whether it’s a game of catch, football or volleyball, getting outside will be good for your soul.

8. The Mub.

See a movie at The Mub. The Mub has the most recent movies that just came out of the theater that play every week.

9. Go for ice cream.

Go to Dairy Bar. They have the best ice cream with the best and biggest portion sizes!

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10. Hang on T-Hall Lawn.

With the nice weather lately, everyone is out enjoying the sunshine at T-Hall.

11. Go for open skate nights!

As long as it’s in the winter time, free skate is a must! They have different themed nights for all skate levels.

12. Game room in the Mub.

It has pool tables and video games to entertain yourself and your friends.

13. Support your fellow wildcats.

Go to your school’s sporting events. Whether it’s football, hockey or basketball, there’s always something to do around campus.

14. Take a day trip to Portsmouth.

Go to Portsmouth: Take the free bus and go downtown for a change of scenery and hang out with some friends.

15. Visit Maine.

Depending on the weather, going to Maine and any of its amazing beaches is a must on warm days. You can ride the Amtrack Downeaster and visit so many cool little towns like Wells, Saco, Old Orchard Beach, Portland and more!

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Can you think of any more fun things to do around UNH when you’re bored? Let us know in the comments!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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