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10 Things To Do Around UConn When You’re Broke AF

10 Things To Do Around UConn When You’re Broke AF

10 Things To Do Around UConn When You’re Broke AF

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that college students are totally broke. Between tuition, books, and the cost of living, college students have no money left to spend on going out and enjoying themselves. So what do you do if you have no money to spend? At UConn, there’s always plenty to do and the best part is it’s almost all free. Keep reading for 10 things to do around UConn when you’re broke AF.

1. Go to the game rooms with friends.

Every dorm has its own rec room, outfitted with pool, ping pong, video games, etc. Rec rooms are completely free to use a long as you have at least one UConn student with an ID present to sign out equipment; they’re great places to hang out with friends and make new ones.

10 Things To Do Around UConn When You’re Broke AF

2. Movies in the Student Union Theater.

On Friday nights, the Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG) hosts free movies that anyone can go to, including non-UConn students as long as there’s one UConn student with an ID with them. These movies are held in the Student Union Theater and are a great way to get out of the dorm but not have to do too much.

10 Things To Do Around UConn When You’re Broke AF


3. Win free stuff at UConn Late Night.

At the Student Union every Friday and Saturday night from 9pm-1am, UConn hosts it’s very own “Late Night.” Every late night has a different theme where you not only get free stuff, but you do free fun activities (where you get more free stuff). It’s great if you want to take a night off of partying or just want to go out with some friends.


4. Enjoy ice cream!!

You’re probably thinking “Why are you suggesting we go out and get ice cream if we’re broke?” One of the great things about UConn is that although they’re charging us a leg and an arm for our meal plans, our food is unlimited. Every dining hall had a great selection of ice cream, so if you have a meal plan and are looking for something to do, grab some ice cream from the dining hall with some friends and just hang out for a bit.

10 Things To Do Around UConn When You’re Broke AF

5. Hang out in the lounges.

Each dorm has a lounge somewhere, most of which have a TV. Because UConn is super awesome and gives us cable, if you don’t have a TV in your room (or you do and just have a crappy roommate), hang out down in the lounge and watch some movies. If you have an HDMI cable, you can connect to your laptop and watch some Netflix. You’ll make friends with the people who come in and out and you have a new place to hang out and watch the game.

10 Things To Do Around UConn When You’re Broke AF

6. Go to dorm events.

Every RA is required to host at least two floor events a semester. Going to these events is totally free; things like ping pong tournaments, mud mask Mondays, pumpkin painting, etc. Things put together by your RA or your dorm hall association not only cost you anything, but some warrant “community cash” (fake money that can be used at the end of the year to buy actual things being offered by the dorm like flat screen tv’s or gift cards). How is that not a huge bonus?

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7. UConn sporting events!

It’s not hard to find free games to go to at UConn, so if you’re broke AF, this is one of the best things to do around UConn. Within the first week of school, basically and entire stadium full of free sports tickets are handed out. A lot of home games for some teams are free; volleyball and hockey games are always free, and it’s not hard to get your hands on a pair of soccer tickets. If you like winning, UConn games are where it’s at.

10 Things To Do Around UConn When You’re Broke AF

8. There are plenty of free concerts and comedy shows

If you like stand up comedy, it’s almost impossible to not find a free weekend comedy show at UConn. Some shows, public speakers, and concerts are free for students if you just go and ask for the tickets. Remember that time Brad Paisley was here?

10 Things To Do Around UConn When You’re Broke AF


9. Go for a walk through our beautiful campus.

UConn is easily one of the most Instagrammable campuses there are; simply walking around campus is just a relaxing way to pass time. Often times you’ll stumble on some sort of event with free things, and if you don’t, you’ll at least get some exercise.

10 Things To Do Around UConn When You’re Broke AF

10. Hit the gym!

If you’re a UConn student and have yet to go to the gym, you’re missing out. The gym is free to students and has such a great selection of exercise equipment. The rock climbing wall is one of best things to do around UConn. The atmosphere is always so nice and you don’t have to pay to use sports equipment, sign up for Body Wise classes, or use the rock climbing room.

One of the most fun things to do around UConn!

What are your favorite things to do around UConn you’re broke AF? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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