5 Things To Do Around UC Davis When You’re Bored AF

So, you’re at UC Davis and you are bored AF. What do you do in a situation like this? Well, listen up my folkes! UC Davis has more to offer in terms of entertainment than you can take up. There’s so many enjoyable and pleasure activities around that your boredom will fly off in a jiffy. Here are the top five things you should do at UC Davis when you are bored AF!!

1. Cinema, cinema — and more cinema!

The city houses three cinema complexes in a close vicinity. There’s the five-plex, the six-plex, and the vintage art house cinema(ooh, fancy!) These cinema halls have the best to offer when it comes to their movie taste. Craving for popcorn already, aren’t you?

2. Coffee at the Cafe!

Well, what’s better than kicking back with your ol’ buddies over a nice warm cup of coffee? If you fancy these sort of things, Downtown Davis is just the right place for you! Let the caffeine river flow..

3. How about some puzzle?

Admit it: geek or not, we all like to solve puzzles. No? Well, then you haven’t tried the trivial nights downtown, including deVere’s Irish Pub, Froggy’s, G Street Wunderbar, KetmoRee and Sophia’s Thai Kitchen!

4. Farmer’s market at Davis

If it’s a weekend, now you have a plan for the Saturday. A rather meaningful and healthy plan. Hit the Davis Farmer’s Market each Saturday. These markets offer  ready-made meals and desserts, fresh produce from regional farms, and live music! It’s a culture that celebrates good food, good music, good life.

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5. Davis is the place for the arts

If you have a feeling for the arts — especially the whimsical one, then Davis is just the right place for you. You go out on the streets and you see art. By way of sculptures and murals. Each month on the second Friday, ArtAbout entices many artists for the demonstrations, installations, and reception of their art at the art galleries.

Conclusion: Whether it is the art, the food, the coffee, or the nature, you will find everything at Davis. So, what’s your reason to get bored?

Let us know what you think about UC Davis and any other activities to do when you’re bored! Drop us a line!!
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