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15 Things To Do Around San Diego University When You’re Bored Af

15 Things To Do Around San Diego University When You’re Bored Af

Sometimes, in college you can get bored af. If you are looking for things to do around San Diego University, this is a great list to start for an adventure!

Every student walks into college confident they will be busier, more experienced, and certainly not bored for the next four years. This, however, is one of the many myths that swarm around a high school senior’s head. In reality, we, as college kids, find ourselves alone watching Netflix shoving food into our mouths lying on our bed at 2 in the afternoon all to often (well at least I do). So, here is a list of things to do around San Diego University when you’re bored af!

1. Tight Rope

There is this rope tied between two palm trees in front of Hepner and as a student of SDSU, there is NO WAY you don’t walk past it a zillion times a week and consider giving it a try. So, one of these days, give a friend a laugh, entertain yourself, and go fall off that tightrope.

2. Try To Surf

Get yourself out in the water, watch for sharks, and find your wave to ride. Don’t have a board? No problem. You can rent one near any beach here in sunny SD.


3. Watch Turtles Do Sexuals At Qoy Pond

Yes, this is a real thing. Up by Hilltop way, there is a little pond in its own little world where there is always at least one couple of turtles fornicating. Now this, this is a sight you don’t wanna miss: at least not while you’re bored out of your mind. (Yes, life can get this boring as a college student).

4. Go To The Beach, Duh

This one is a given, but everyone can use a reminder here and there. Get yourself a ride, a friend, a towel, and bring a speaker with fun beachy tunes and get some sun.

5. Go To Coronado

Believe it or not, even just traveling to a city named something different than the first words in your college is a very exciting experience. Coronado can turn into an adventure with just a car ride and a quick park by the beaches and Hotel Del Coronado.


6. Go Clubbing

Even for you college kids under 21, there is an option for you. Clubs like BSSMNT and FLUX nightclub in downtown welcome ages 18 and up for a fun time with friends and some bomb music.

7. Cliff Jumping

Find yourself and a few of your closest friends taking a trip to sunset cliffs at its peak. Pick a nice, less rocky bottom cliff, and take the leap. This is aimed for adrenaline junkies.

8. Visit The USS Midway Museum

I personally have visited this museum and was truly fascinated. I enjoyed looking on the top of the boat and watching everyone go by. This is really awesome if you want to learn a little history for the day.


9. Eat Italian Food In Little Italy

Now, we may not live anywhere close to Europe, AKA some of the best pasta in the world. But, we sure as hell have some delicious Italian food not too far from state. Take a nice 20-minute ride on the 8 to taste a little bit of Italian, and maybe run into some cute Italians while you’re at it.

10. Make A Sand Castle

No, I am not joking. Even if you aren’t at a beach, make a sand castle. Creativity can range from sand dinosaurs to sand people and even hand carved sand caves. Spark the inner-child in you!

11. Build A Bonfire

Treasure Island is the place to be when it comes to nights like this. Grab some friends and marshmallows to eat away your feelings next to a nice warm fire. Another plus is you can overlook Sea World from this spot which is really cute.

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12. Visit Sea World

If you are willing to spend a little money to be entertained by some marine life, then Sea World is the place for you. You can buy plush sea animals, people watch like crazy, and may even witness a breached whale.

13. Hike On Cowles Mountain

Take a 3-mile hike into some trees and dirt (my favorite). The view is amazing from the top of the hike and is so worth the sweat.


14. Visit Tide Pools

By tide pools, I mean the many of them. There are tide pools all over San Diego, from Point Loma to La Jolla, and more.

15. Of Course, Visit The Zoo

Everyone knows the San Diego Zoo is famous for it being home to many animals. This is one of the biggest tourist spots, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you have to!

Do you have any other suggestions for things to do around San Diego University!? Share in the comments below!

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