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10 Things To Do Around Penn State University That Are Free

10 Things To Do Around Penn State University That Are Free

Penn State is expensive. Here are free things to do at Penn State University if you are bored or broke. These free things to do are easy and cool. Check it!

Being a college student, odds are you’re close to broke. Here are a few free things to do around Penn State University when you’re bored, but your wallet is not having it.

1. Go to the Arboretum.

Beautiful scenery, and you can get a bomb Insta pic out of it!

2. Hike Mount Nittany.

The climb is tricky af, but the view at the top is incredible.


3. Go to the Palmer Museum of Art.

Even if art isn’t your thing, it’s worth the trip!

4. Go to the library/Study.


5. Volunteer.

You can play with dogs at Center County Paws, what more could you ask for!


6. See a speaker.

The school usually provides free speakers that usually interesting!

7. Rock climb at IM building.

Technically free, and a fab workout!

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8. Visit the Nittany Lion Shrine.

Always a nice pic to send to grandma.

9. Tour the campus/Walk the campus.

Now that you’re a student here, you may have some idea what the guides are talking about!

10. Nap.

After a long day of being broke, sometimes the only good free option is just to ptfo.

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