Things To Do Around Metropolitan State University Of Denver When You’re Bored

If you're looking for things to do around Metropolitan State University of Denver, then these are some of the best activities that will make your free time fly by! That way, you're not bored as hell.

If you’re currently a student at Metropolitan State University of Denver, we understand from time to time you may get bored. However, there is so much the college and city have in store! Here’s some things to do around Metropolitan State University of Denver when you’re bored AF!

1. Grab Starbucks and sit in the comfortable lounge area.

If there is a place to sit! Usually it’s overcrowded, especially during busy times in the morning and afternoon. It’s also nice to sip your coffee and people watch. I find it fascinating how people act when they’re in a rush and exhausted –  they act so rude to the people serving them! It’s important to remain calm and collected because they can be having just as bad of day as you if not worse.

This is one of the best things to do around Metropolitan State University of Denver!


2. Walk around the campus and explore the sights and sounds that it offers.

When it’s a nice day I like to sit on a bench and read a good novel and get lost in a false reality. I find it calming to read outdoors their is something peaceful about being immersed in the nature around.

3. Head downtown and explore sixteenth street mall.

Or one of the small businesses or even some of the major retailers, it’s all within walking distance from the campus. They also have some nice restaurants to rest and recharge for your next class or even for a quick bite to eat.

4. The Tivoli offers a wide variety of options.

This includes a pizzeria, bookstore and a quite lounge that allows people the opportunity to listen to music or read a book in a noise free environment.


5. Joining clubs and getting involved with sports is crucial.

There are so many to choose from, no matter what your passionate about you’re sure to find something that your interested in. The only club that I would not recommend getting involved in is the sororities and fraternities, as their hazing can be pretty intense.

6. I spend a large majority of my time in the library.

I use it to catch up on school work or even to get together with friends who I share off time with, they also have a full service café that offers sandwiches, pastries and coffee. This is definitely one of the best things to do around Metropolitan State University of Denver

This is one of the best things to do around Metropolitan State University of Denver!


7. They have a hotel located on campus that offers a full service bar and restaurant.

This is perfect to stop by if your of legal age and can really use a drink after a day of completing your classes. Let me tell you we all have those day’s when we don’t perform as well as we want, and the only thing that can fix that is some alcohol.

8. Hanging out with friends who have the same free time.

It’s always nice to grab a quick bite to eat, or work out at the gym with someone who has the same schedule. Disclaimer – The classes offered at the gym will definitely whip you into shape, but have you feeling sore all over.

9. MSU is also conveniently located in some of the top attractions downtown.

So if you have a car or take the light rail, it’s within an accessible range, including the Denver art museum and Elitches.


10. Most the time when I’m bored I study for upcoming tests or get my homework completed.

Because as we know in college it’s important to stay up on things, or get lost in the process. There are many places on campus that offer comfortable settings to get your work done if your favorite spot is not taken up, which most the time I can guarantee it will be.

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11. The gym is a great place to go when your bored and have a lot of free time.

They offer a wide variety of classes including yoga, so if your flexible and looking to find your inner peace, then that’s the class for you.


This is one of the best things to do around Metropolitan State University of Denver!

12. Most teachers are flexible.

so when you have questions they can set up a meeting with you in their office to discuss what your not understanding. It’s important to be involved and active in your education cause it’s your future

13. Their are many on campus jobs that are available.

They don’t pay well, so keep that in mind when putting in the long hours! I wouldn’t suggest it, but it’s definitely one of the better things to do around Metropolitan State University.


14. Since weed is legal in Colorado, a lot of students will smoke on campus when they are bored.

Who doesn’t want to arrive high to your math class? After all, it might make more sense then when your sober

15. They have meditation on the lawn when it warms up in the spring and summer so you can practice clearing your stress.

Focus on your mind, body and soul until reaching complete Namaste. That is one of the best things to do around Metropolitan State University of Denver!

Do you like these things to do around Metropolitan State University of Denver? Let us know in the comment section below!

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