15 Things To Do Around Iowa State University When Youre Bored AF

Iowa State is a pretty fun place, but every now and then, a slow day or weekend comes along and no one knows what to do with their time. Whether you are by yourself or with your friends, here are some things to do around Iowa State University when you’re bored af and in need of an adventure!

1. Campanile

This is a common tradition at Iowa State. Take your significant other/friends with benefits and go exchange a kiss under the campanile at midnight. This one isn’t for everyone, but keep it in the back of your mind just in case you really want to seal the deal in your relationship.

things to do around Iowa State University when you're bored af

2. Curtis to Beardshear

This is another tradition on the rise at ISU. You undress at Curtis and have to run to Beardshear and back (in the nude) before the 12 strikes on the campanile are over at midnight. This is a more edgy tradition, but definitely worth the effort.

3. Bowling/Billiards

The Memorial Union has a bowling alley in the basement, which makes for a fun time when you grab your friends and bowl in the pretty beat-up bowling alley. Sometimes, they even do black light bowling! Worth the trip for sure.

things to do around Iowa State University when you're bored af

4. Cyclone Cinema

Carver offers movies that we all wanted to see but were too cheap to pay for on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 7:00 and 10:00 pm. It’s better than paying to rent them or streaming them online and messing up your computer.

5. Walk Around Lake Laverne

This one is more for nicer weather, but you can walk by yourself, with a friend, or significant other. Rumor has it that if you and your significant other can walk around the lake 3 times without talking, you’re meant to be together forever. So if you really wanna know if they are the one…

things to do around Iowa State University when you're bored af

6. Explore Friley

Friley is known for how confusing it is to get around. There are so many rooms and different nooks and crannies; you never know what you might find. It’s reportedly haunted, so that makes the exploration even more exciting.

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7. Jeff’s Pizza

Jeff’s Pizza is the number one spot for food, whether you are drunk, hungover, or just hungry. It’s pretty cheap, close to campus and the smotherella sticks really hit the spot.

Jeffs Pizza is things to do around Iowa State University when you're bored af !8. Hit up the Dining Centers

If you aren’t about spending your own money and have tons of meals/dining dollars, take a trip to one of the dining centers. There is always something to eat there and you have to get rid of all those mealswipes somehow.

9. Workout

I know this one sounds not very fun, but just bring your computer or phone and sit on a bike and watch some Netflix. You’ll be doing something you love, while burning off some of the dining center food you most likely ate earlier.

10. Workout Class

Now if you really want to get into it, go attend a workout class. You’ll be hating life while you are in it, but after you’ll feel so good. So good, you might even go back the next week.

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11. Rock climb

State Gym has a very impressive rock-climbing wall that anyone can use. It’s even right by the check in, so if you fall or get scared, everyone can watch!

things to do around Iowa State University when you're bored af

12. Visit the Bookstore

You can never have too many ISU t-shirts, am I right?

13. Workspace

The Memorial Union also has a place for you to do as many arts and crafts as your heart desires. Make something and send it to your grandparents. Grandparents love stuff like that.

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14. Play Hide and Seek in the Library

The library has so many floors, tiers, and rooms that this could take all day. Make sure to be quiet for the people actually doing homework though.

15. Study

As lame as this one sounds for things to do around Iowa State University, your grades will thank you for this one.

things to do around Iowa State University when you're bored af

Do you have any other suggestions for things to do around Iowa State University?! Share in the comments below!

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