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10 Free Things To Do Around Florida State University

10 Free Things To Do Around Florida State University

Are you looking for free things to do around Florida State University? Then check out this list of some awesome stuff in the Tallahassee area!

Don’t get me wrong, going to Happy Hour every weekend then finding a way to pull yourself together and go out again the next day is the Tallahassee lifestyle. However, sometimes that can get tiring and maybe you need a break to get some fresh air. Here are some fun suggestions for things to do around Florida State University when you need to change up the system.

1. Lichgate on High Road Park

This park is completely random and totally secluded so when you go it is actually quite peaceful! Sometimes people go there for yoga and it just has a really relaxing feel to it. You’ll get it when you go.

2. First Friday at Railroad Square

The first Friday of every month you have the chance to skip out on Happy Hour and experience some live music, beer, food vendors, and more. This is a perfect place to go if you want somewhere to just let loose with no judgement things to do around Florida State University.


3. Ride a Pace Bike

Pace Bikes are a company that lets you rent a bike for as little as $1 and you can ride it around wherever you want! There’s nothing a good ole bike ride things to do around Florida State University cannot fix.

4. Leon County Springs

What many people don’t know about Tallahassee is that there is an abundance of springs to be discovered. Throughout the Apalachicola National Forest there are scattered springs with rope swings that are awesome to go to with some friends! And if you can’t find these springs, you can always head to the Leon Sinks Geological Area which is a park with many clear blue springs.


5. Find the Mysterious Abandoned Concrete Factory

For those who like a little thrill and are willing to seek adventure things to do around Florida State University you can go find the abandoned concrete factory that people go to and climb on all of the surfaces for photos. It may not sound very glamorous but it is actually a pretty cool experience.


6. Go to the Humane Society

When life gets too stressful, go find a puppy to pet. Maybe you will just so happen to fall in love with this puppy and take it home. Either way it’s a win-win.

7. Go to the Student Life Center at Florida State University

This place is straight up nostalgic. They have every GameCube game you could dream of. There is also Guitar Hero. Never pass up on an opportunity to play Guitar Hero.

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8. Level 8 on the Rooftop of Hotel Duval

If you want a good view of the city of Tallahassee (which is surprisingly not too shabby) head up to the 8thfloor of Hotel Duval. You can sit back and chill while you maybe enjoy an expensive drink from their bar in the process.

9. Museum of Florida History

The Museum of Florida History is pretty suited to kids so that means it is not just a boring museum with a bunch of facts. This museum is really fun and also you get to learn interesting things about the city you live in and it’s free!

10. Go to the Florida State University Reservation

This place is free for FSU students and cheap for any nonstudents and you can rent canoes and paddle boards and enjoy the calm lake. If you’re in the mood to try something new things to do around Florida State University they also offer sailing classes here!

What are your suggestions for things to do around Florida State University? Let us know in the comments!
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