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7 Things To Do Around CU Boulder When You’re Broke AF

7 Things To Do Around CU Boulder When You’re Broke AF

7 Things To Do Around CU Boulder When You’re Broke AF

College. Classes, new friends, parties, and … no money. Being broke is not a rarity among college students. With CU’s tuition, that bike registration fee, and swiping your friends into the C4C, that money you made from your campus job just seems to disappear. No need to fret though, because being broke does not mean you can’t have a good time! Keep reading for 7 things to do around CU Boulder when you’re broke AF!

1. Go on a hike!

The Boulder area is crowded with great hikes, from good old Chautauqua to Flagstaff. Finding a fun hike to go on is not hard in Boulder, and, better yet, it’s free! So if someone ever tells you to “take a hike”, do it! That’ll show them.


2. Go window shopping.

Trust me, I know it’s tempting, but it can also be a lot of fun! Nothing better than heading over to Free People and checking out all those cute clothes you can never afford!


3. Watch street performers.

Pearl Street is an iconic Boulder location and is a must when it comes to things to do around CU Boulder. In addition to all the (expensive) shops, the mall is always crowded with street performers. From someone folding themselves into a box to someone playing guitar upside down, you’ll always find something entertaining going on at Pearl Street. And, hey, if you do find some spare bills, maybe show those performers your appreciation!


4. Build a snowman.

Listen, I’m not trying to get all Frozen on you. Let’s be honest, Colorado’s winters tend to take up at least two-thirds of the year. Maybe the snow sucks when you embarrassingly slip on ice on your way to class, but it doesn’t suck when you’re trying to find something free to do in the chilly weather!

5. Make bets on how many Subaru’s you’ll see today.

Check out that parking lot and see how many you can spot. Maybe skip the betting part, since you are broke.


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6. Take a walk through a park.

With homework, exams, trying to find a table at the UMC during lunchtime, and all the other stressors we have in our lives, sometimes we forget to just look around us. We forget we are living in one of the most beautiful areas in Colorado. Take a walk through one of the many parks in Boulder and take in the scenery, the sounds, and the fresh air.

7. Cry about how broke you are.

Finally, after you’ve visited Pearl Street, hiked, fake-shopped, and done anything else you could think of, head home and have a good cry about all your student debt.


On that positive note, get off your computer and take yourself and your empty bank account out into beautiful Boulder!

What are some of your favorite things to do around CU Boulder when you’re broke AF? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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