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7 Things To Do After You Get Accepted To College

Yay, you got into college! Now what? Well, first you want to find to find everything you need to do before the semester starts. Since I am transferring this fall, I’m in the same boat here, so let’s find out together as we go along on the 7 things to do after you’ve been accepted to college.

1. Send out your commitment deposit.

Once you get that acceptance letter, you may want to find out the deadline on when to send out your commitment deposit to hold your spot for the first semester.

2. Placement exam

The placement exam is basically to know where you stand in writing/reading and math. It will let you know what classes you have to take based on the requirements of your major.


3. Go to the financial aid office.

So after you take the placement test, you may want to check with the financial aid office if you have any missing information that should be taken care of before class starts.

4. Register for classes.

This is the time when you get to meet with your advisor to figure out what classes to take and the time that is most convenient to you, whether you have work or are a parent.


Once you register for classes and kind of know what is expected of the requirements you have to take, you may want to check out to find out how each students rate their past professors. Knowing the backstory on what you’re going to get yourself into before the first day helps so you don’t end up with a lousy professor.

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6. Go to orientation.

Orientation is the day you get in-depth information about your college and what they have to offer. You’ll be meeting different people and you get your college ID, so look your best on that day!

7. Welcome to your first day!

You’ve finally gone through the process of every step that needed to get done, and it helps not doing it last minute. Now it’s up to you on where your journey takes you. Good luck!

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Daniry Gomez

Daniry is a 23 years old full-time student at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, studying Health. She is also a full time mom to a sweet baby girl. She loves trying out new things during the season, drawing, writing her thoughts on life, and also being a planner addict.

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