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10 Things To Definitely Do Before You Graduate College

10 Things To Definitely Do Before You Graduate College

College is great, but lets be honest; it went by too fast and now your wondering what you should do before you graduate and plunge yourself into the working world. Don’t be that person who thinks they did everything they wanted to do and ended up regretting not doing something! Here are some things you definitely need to do before you graduate!

1. Site See Close To Your College

There is a big chance that you were too hung up of studies that you forgot to see where you have been for 4 years of your life. You never know what you’ll find! Go hiking if you’re somewhere that has great trails, be curious about. You will be surprised at how much you almost missed being stuck in a 5 mile radius! Have fun finding new things! It’s not everyday that you are able to do this!

10 Things To Definitely Do Before You Graduate College


2. Join A Club

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to join a club on campus? Have you been too busy to? Try joining it before you graduate! You won’t know what you missed if you don’t join the things you wanted to! Don’t leave yourself wondering about whether or not you should’ve did something. The good news is if you really didn’t like it, you can always quite it! It’s not like you put too much time into it! 

3. Do Something You Never Thought You Would 

This is the time where you should be figuring yourself out. You probably told yourself that you were going to try new things and be more active instead of passive, but the truth is; you haven’t lived up to it! Now is better than never because once you cross that stage, you may not be able to have the freedom you have now! Don’t gyp yourself from being able to do something you always wanted to do but never got the chance. Be a doer! This is your time to shine!

4. Be Reckless

You shouldn’t have to think too much about other people. Be who you have wanted to be since freshmen year! Do what you thought you would never do. Be true to yourself and be happy to be doing what you are doing. Let yourself be free from all of your responsibilities for a day or two. be wild, get a tattoo, a piercing maybe? Be fun with it.


Think outside of the box. Chances are you’ll find out something about yourself you never thought. Don’t waste your time before you graduate being uptight and too focused, you have the rest of your life to do that!

10 Things To Definitely Do Before You Graduate College

5. Go For A  Drive

Release your worries about the rest of your life and think about where you are now. If you need some help with that, go for a drive. Look around and get fascinated with your surroundings. Life dosn’t get better than this. Don’t get too involved with the future because, to be honest, it’ll change way too much so fussy about it now won’t do you any good. You’ll have all the time in the world to think about it after you graduate! Take some time and reevaluate your life. Driving is a great way to calm any nerves you have and can help you clear your head from any concerns you may have!


6. Travel Somewhere You’ve Never Been

Take a trip! Explore places you never thought you would be able to! You might even change your point of view. Traveling is great when the only obligation is school, if you need a couple days off to recuperate; do it! A couple days won’t hurt anyone! Sometimes you may need it to unclutter your brain. Stay true to what you want to do though. You can’t tell yourself that you’re going to travel then back out because something happened. It’s a little sad and maybe depressing. 

7. Take Care Of Yourself 

If it’s your senior year, make sure you have time for yourself! When you get into the workforce, you may not have time to check up on yourself and it’s important to make sure you are okay! The last thing you need to a break down because you didn’t take time for yourself. Have a movie night with yourself or a friend! Get your nails done! Have a deep conversation with your mom way too late at night! However you take care of yourself, do it! You never know when you’ll get another chance to!

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8. Take A Night Off

One of the easier things you can do before you graduate is taking a night off. Relax and enjoy a peaceful night maybe with a glass of wine or pamper yourself with a face mask! You may feel like you need multiple nights off, but one will at least help you prepare yourself for either the rest of the semester or the year! Maybe taking a night off includes doing laundry or cleaning your room because you haven’t had time to do either. Take the time to better yourself which is what matters!

10 Things To Definitely Do Before You Graduate College

9. Reinvent Yourself

Take this time to make sure that you are the best person for yourself. You probably promised yourself that you would find yourself in college and work probably got in the way. The goal is to walk across that stage being the person you want to be and being proud of yourself too! Think about who you are now. Do you like them? If not, now is the time to change it for the better! Loving yourself is one of the best things your can do for yourself right now. 


10. Go M.I.A 

In this day and age, it’s hard to not be influenced with social media and what everyone is saying. If you are a heavy social media user, take some time off from it. Focus on yourself. There will be plenty to gloat about about your not M.I.A anymore.

10 Things To Definitely Do Before You Graduate College

Have you done any of these before you graduate? Do you have ore advice? Tell us in the comments below!$-1qOUQAJWM1Qrlfl6VUn9tpRMxM-1X5g-people-having-fun