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10 Things To Bring To Sorority Recruitment

10 Things To Bring To Sorority Recruitment

Sorority recruitment can be stressful and overwhelming for PNMs. This guide will help you pack you bags for the start of your forever sisterhood!

If you’re planning on going through sorority recruitment, you need to know about the long days ahead of you. They’re filled with nonstop conversations, walking from house to house, and more information than you can possibly remember. This guide of 10 important things will ensure your recruitment goes as smoothly as possible!

1. Deodorant/Perfume

This is probably the most important thing, which is why it is number one. Especially if your university does sorority recruitment in the fall, the houses can get very hot when 200 women are piled in. Make sure to pack deodorant or perfume, preferably both, so that you stay smelling fresh throughout your 8 hour day. Remember to make sure it isn’t too strong!10 Things To Bring To Sorority Recruitment

2. Mints/Gum

With how much talking to you, it’s important to keep your breath smelling minty fresh. Pop in a piece of gum or a mint between rounds, but remember to spit it out before going into the next one. It’s very rude to chew and talk!

10 Things To Bring To Sorority Recruitment

3. Lots and lots of water

Water is so important when you have a long day ahead of you. It’s very easy to get dehydrated without noticing, so make sure you are drinking at least a fourth of a bottle between rounds. I love this Ivory Ella water bottle because its cute, unique and you save the elephants when you purchase it! Use it as a conversation topic in your rounds. Your possible new sisters would love to hear about how you make an impact on the environment. 10 Things To Bring To Sorority Recruitment

4. A small notepad

Every chapter you visit will have new information to give you. Their philanthropy, dues, purposes and more. Keeping a small notepad in your purse will help you remember each of the chapters. After every round, write down pros and cons, what the girls were wearing, and anything that could help you distinguish them with the other chapter you visit that day.

10 Things To Bring To Sorority Recruitment

5. Throat lozenges

Talking can get difficult towards the end of the week and being in a room with 200 other people is sickness waiting to happen. Keep some throat lozenges in your bag in case you start to feel a cough coming on or your throat gets sore.

10 Things To Bring To Sorority Recruitment

6. Hand sanitizer

Shaking hands with 30 different people a day? Yuck! As with the lozenges, this is really just to protect you as much as possible from everyone else’s germs. Plus, they smell good. Bath and Body Works usually has them on sale, so stop in and buy 6 for $5.00 to get you through the week.

10 Things To Bring To Sorority Recruitment

7. Oil blotting sheets

Makeup only stays fresh for so long, so in addition to using setting power and misting spray, bring some oil blotting sheets along. My favorite is Neutrogena because they never take my makeup off when I use them.

10 Things To Bring To Sorority Recruitment

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8. Compact mirror with powder

After you use the oil blotting sheets, brush on some shine control powder to get your matte look back. Any powder works for this, but I usually use Neutrogena because it is sensitive to all types of skin and really helps with shine control.

10 Things To Bring To Sorority Recruitment

9. A Tide-to-Go pen

You will end up snacking a lot during your 8 hour day, so a Tide-to-go pen is a MUST! The last thing you want is to drop something on your shirt and go into your next round looking like a slob. Not to mention you’ll make a few friends when they realize they’ve dropped something on themselves too and need to use your pen.

10 Things To Bring To Sorority Recruitment

10. A protein bar

Last but not least, you need snacks. Try to choose things that are high in protein and not sugar, such as these Luna bars or any kind of plain nuts. Since you won’t have time to eat a full meal, it’s important to pick nutritious snacks that will keep you going throughout the day.

10 Things To Bring To Sorority Recruitment

Are you going through sorority recruitment or have gone through it previously? Comment below and add on to this list for all the PNMs out there!

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