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25 Things To Ask When Searching For Your First College Roommate

25 Things To Ask When Searching For Your First College Roommate

College roommates need to know these 25 things about each other. You have to ask your college roommate these 25 questions.

1. Where Are You From?

If You’re going to a College out of state or if your college roommate is from out of State its important to know where they’re from to get to know a little bit more about them. Maybe you’ve been to the state or area where they’re from or maybe you guys are from the same place, either way, this could be a big bonding moment for the two of you.

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2. Are You A Morning Person Or A Night Owl?

It’s important to get your schedules in sync once you guys are college roommates. You don’t want to keep each other up or be disruptive while someone is sleeping. Knowing each other’s sleep schedules and knowing how to work around them will help your relationship as roommates a lot.

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3. What Do You Do For Fun?

The goal of a college roommate is to have a built-in friend that you can go to at any time. You want to be able to do stuff with your roommate or at least bond with them when you first move in together. Knowing what activities you both enjoy will give you not just a roommate but build a friendship.

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4. Do You Smoke?

Whether it be cigarettes or weed you both want to be on the same page about smoking or set up rules around it. If you both smoke, great, that’s something you guys can do together and bond over but if you don’t set up boundaries and rules about smoking will make this whole living together thing go a lot more smoothly.

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5. Do You Drink?

Most people in college drink, some for the first time. If you both do then that is something you guys can do together responsibly but if one of you don’t then learn how to be respectful of the other person will make your relationship run more smoothly.

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6. What’s Your Major?

Asking someone about their major will give them the opportunity to talk about themselves and what they love doing. You’ll get to know more about the person and maybe even find that you have stuff in common or maybe even the same major.

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7. Do You Speak Any Foreign Language?

Maybe you’re living with a foreign exchange student and this question will give them the opportunity to tell you a little more about themselves. Or, maybe you guys are both taking a foreign language class and you can sign up for the same one to have a familiar face in the class.

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8. What Classes Are You Taking?

This question will help you get to know your college roommate’s schedule and what they’re interested in. Maybe you guys are taking some of the same classes and can help each other study.

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9. Do You Workout?

Working out with your college roommate can be a bonding activity and even if you guys are not friends, it’s something you can do together. Working out is hard and when you get to college it’s even harder, having someone keep you accountable for staying on track can keep you in shape.

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10. What’s Your Favorite Type Of Food?

One thing you’ll probably do with your college roommate even if you’re not the best of friends is eating together. Maybe not just the cafeteria but you guys can go out to eat, knowing each other’s favorite food can help you guys pick a spot to eat.

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11. Do You Talk On The Phone A Lot?

There are tons of places to study on and off campus but sometimes you just want peace and quiet in your own space. Having a college roommate that talks on the phone all the time can really mess that up. Setting boundaries about what hours of the day are okay to play music and talk on the phone will help your college experience out a lot.

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12. Do You Have A Significant Other?

This is a personal question but if your college roommate lives in the area and has a boyfriend or girlfriend, they might be spending a lot of time with them and their significant other might be coming over a lot and even sleeping over. If you guys are sharing a space, you have to make sure that this is okay for the both of you.

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13. Do You Like Sharing Clothes?

When you’re living with someone you’re bound to get your closed mixed up or even start wearing each others’ clothes. Some people like to share and others don’t so you have to be mindful of your roommates’ boundaries.

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14. Are You Messy Or A Clean Freak

Some people hate when their room is a mess and can’t focus when it’s not clean, others can’t keep their room clean to save their life. It’s good to know which type of person your roommate is so that you can respect their space and if you are the messy one, you know whether to clean up your act a bit or not.

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15. Do You Watch A Lot Of TV?

Watching TV together can be a bonding activity plus is you both love watching TV you guys can orchestrate who’s providing the TV set.

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16. Do You Like It Cold Or Hot?

Knowing what type of weather your college roommate likes or how hot or cold they want to keep the room can come in handy when you’re deciding what activities to do together or whether to bring your personal heater or fan or not.

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17. Are You An Outside Or Inside Person?

What does your roommate like to do? Are they going to want to stay in all day and study and watch TV or go on a walk or bike ride through campus? These are important things to know if you plan on bonding with your roommate.

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18. Do You Have A Car?

A lot of people when they go to college leave their car at home but a car can come in handy when you need to run errands or want to do something out of town. Maybe if your college roommate isn’t bringing their car, you might want to.

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19. What Type Of Music Do You Listen Too?

Headphones are great but if you want to listen to music on a speaker or your computer, you want to make sure it’s something your roommate doesn’t mind listening to.

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20. What Shows And/Or Movies Do You Like To Watch?

Watching shows or movies together can be a big bonding moment for you and your roommate so knowing each other’s tastes can help you find something you both like.

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21. Do You Need Quiet Or Do You Like Noise?

Some people can’t think when there’s noise, others can’t think without it. You want to make sure you’re respectful of your roommates’ needs to create an environment that you can both succeed in.

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22. How Many Hours A Day Do You Plan To Study?

You want to make sure your college roommate has space and environment to get in all the studying they need for that day and you’re not disrupting them too much. Knowing how much time you both need will help both of you have a successful college career.

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23. Would You Rather Go Out On A Friday Night Or Stay in?

Is your roommate going to be going to a lot of Frat parties and be traipsing in the middle of the night or is that you? Not only is it good to find weekend activities that you both enjoy, but you also want to be respectful of each other.

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24. What Was Your Favorite Subject In High School?

This question will help you get to know your college roommate better and to see if you guys have something in common.

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25. How Much Do You Plan To Cook Or Eat Out?

If You’re living in a space with a kitchen it would be nice to switch who’s cooking what which day so that you can both contribute and help each other out.

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What do you plan on asking your roommate when you meet them? Comment your question below:

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