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10 Things To Always Pack When Traveling

10 Things To Always Pack When Traveling

I have a list of the basic necessities to pack when you are traveling. No matter if you are traveling near or far my list will help you. If you pack everything on this list, you are going to make your travels so much easier. Traveling should be fun and enjoyable, don’t ruin it by not packing your essentials.

1. Phone Charger and Other Power Cords

This is number one and I feel the most important of all. With your phone, you can take pictures, use the GPS, update your social media, schedule an Uber, and make calls to friends and family. How can you enjoy your travels and not be able to do these things because of the lack of a charger? Packing your phone is important but what is the use of a phone if it’s dead. Also, if you’re traveling overseas make sure you have the correct type of voltage and adapter. You wouldn’t want to burn the circuit or worse, your room.

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2. Travel Documents and Important Forms of Identification  

This is needed so that you can get to your destination and also come back home. Many places now have heightened their security check and you should have everything you need to pass. How unfortunate would it be to race to the airport to find out that you left behind your driver’s license or even your passport? While preparing for your travels know and obtain the proper documents. Some countries accept only a passport while some require a second form of identification.

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3. Swimsuit

You never know when you’re going to have the opportunity to show off your summer body. Don’t let that hard work go to waste. Pack your swimsuit so you’ll be ready to show off at any moment. Hey, don’t limit yourself, pack a few! In case your first one hasn’t dried by the time you’re ready to go back out. Or pack more just in case your mood changes and you want to wear your sassier bikini instead of that floral print tankini. When it comes to swimsuits, you won’t regret packing more than you need.


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4. Cash and Credit Cards

Though this may be obvious many forget to bring both. Some places require that you pay only in cash and vice versa. You don’t want to miss out on that special purchase or event because of an issue with your funds. Be on the cautious side and pack multiple forms of payment. Don’t always assume that the place your going to will have an ATM or reasonable ATM surcharges. Also, give your financial institute a heads up about your travels so that your funds will be available to you. You don’t want your financial institute to think that someone is trying to illegally gain access to your funds and prevent you from making purchases. Last but not least, know the currency rate where you are traveling. For example, if you are traveling to Mexico and go to the store and see a hat to purchase for $93.95 you may be reluctant to make the purchase but to know the US currency is $5.00 may be an easier purchase for you.

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5. Medication

If you are flying, make sure this is packed in your carry-on bag to prevent any damage or any misplacement. Depending on where you are traveling, they may not have access to the type of medication you take. That would be disastrous to spend your vacation in a foreign hospital. Make sure you pack your medication and take them as prescribed.

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6. Makeup and Other Cosmetic Supplies

It would be unfortunate to forget your make up and be bare-faced. Of course, you will still be beautiful but the little extra will make a difference in your photos. The length of your travel will play a factor in which make up to pack. Bring what you wear daily but if you know you are going to be going out and would be looking more glamorous than usual then bring that fancy makeup as well. You are going to be taking many selfies and wouldn’t you want to look your best? Where you will be traveling will have a lot to do with how much makeup you pack and the type you bring. The hotter the weather the less make up you will wear. Make sure your make up is packed very well so that during the travel they are not damaged. Luckily, there are several cosmetic stores that you can grab your make up from in case this is forgotten.


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7. Itinerary

This will help you maximize your experience and make sure none of your time is wasted. You will be able to go to your destinations faster and easier. This will act as a map and ensure that all the wants you are expecting from your travels are met.

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8. Uber or Lyft App

Either one of these applications will allow you to travel to places comfortably. The safety and security of you, the rider, are very important to each company. With these applications, you won’t have to stress about getting lost, overspending on a taxi, or not arriving at your destination on time. These companies give each driver a very secure background check. The company provides the drivers with their personal GPS to prevent any delays with your trip. You can also book your ride ahead of time to ensure you will arrive on time or even early to your destination.

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9. Snacks

Satisfy your hunger. You don’t want to get hangry during your travels. Bringing your own snacks will save you money and time. Airports and convenience stores tend to raise the prices of their merchandise. Why would you pay double when you wouldn’t have to? Even worse, what if the stores didn’t have the type of snack you wanted? By bringing your own snacks, you know you are going to exactly what you want.

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10. Hoodie

This will come in handy when you find yourself in a situation where you are not in control of the thermostat. This can be at the airport, Uber, or on the place. A small hoodie can provide tons of warmth. If the temperature isn’t a problem a hoodie can quickly turn into a pillow. You can avoid a lot of neck aches with a hoodie that turns into a pillow.


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Let me know if this list was helpful! Comment below.