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10 Things To Add To Your Summer Bucket List

10 Things To Add To Your Summer Bucket List

10 Things To Add To Your Summer Bucket List

Making a summer bucket list is a must when it comes to planning all of the things that you want to over the warmer months. Before it arrives, summer seems like it will stretch out forever with plenty of bright long days and endless time. In reality, summer goes in a flash so, it’s time to get planning and make sure you’re on track to the best summer ever. To get you started, here are 10 things you’ll want to add to your summer bucket list.

1. Take a spontaneous road trip with your friends

Nothing says summer more than taking a road trip and the warm summer months are the perfect time to head off on an adventure with your best friends. Whether you fancy taking a day trip to somewhere near or just driving and seeing where you end up, there’s nothing more fun than heading out on the road with some good friends and good tunes.

10 Things To Add To Your Summer Bucket List

2. Be a tourist in your hometown

Travelling is the best part of summer but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get on a flight. Instead, why not try being a tourist in your hometown this summer. We often take the place that we call home for granted so exploring the city as a visitor would, can help you see your hometown in a whole new light. Try taking a walk around, treating yourself to food out and even visiting any tourist attractions in your local area. You never know what hidden gems you might discover.

3. Get off social media

Social media plays a big part in most of our lives, however, it’s so good for your mental and physical health to unplug from it once in a while. This summer, challenge yourself to a technology free day. Turn your phone off and head outside instead. You’ll be amazed at how much more observant and de-stressed you feel when you’re not constantly checking your messages.

10 Things To Add To Your Summer Bucket List

4. Catch up with an old friend

We all have that friend that we love so much, but busy schedules mean that it’s often hard to stay in touch. This summer, schedule some time to have a catch up with an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while. It’s always great to have a long overdue catch-up and swap stories about each other’s lives.

5. Master a new recipe

Cooking is so much fun and summer is the perfect time to try your hand at a new recipe. You could challenge yourself to make something that you’ve always fancied trying like lasagna or even something a little more technical like bread. Then, invite your friends round and share what you’ve made.

6. Have a day out with your family

It can be hard to make time to spend together as a family but it’s so important. Even if you’re not going on a family holiday be sure to plan some sort of activity together as a family this summer. It could be something as simple as going for a walk and coffee or even just chilling at home. Just be sure to put your phone down and really spend some quality time together.

7.Have a movie marathon

Sometimes, all you need is chilled day at home and a movie (or tv show) marathon is one thing you have to add to your summer bucket list. All you need is your favourite box set or movie trilogy and plenty of snacks. Then you can settle down for a self-indulgent day in on the sofa.

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10 Things To Add To Your Summer Bucket List


Exercising outdoors is a must when it comes to planning your summer bucket list. With warmer weather and plenty of time, there’s no better a time of year to get fit. Whether you fancy going for a jog, trying yoga outdoors or participating in a team sport, just being active and getting outside will make you feel fantastic.

9. Keep a journal

If you’ve always fancied keeping a journal, then summer is the best time to start. Writing in a journal takes practice but you don’t need to do it every day and it really is a great thing to have to look back on in years to come. There are no limitations when it comes to journaling and you can get really creative with it, jotting down all the funny things that have happened, adding illustrations or even little cut outs of things that you like

10. Learn something

With a lack of a schedule over summer, many of us find ourselves feeling a bit bored so not put your spare time to good use and learn something new this summer? There are loads of options from online courses to summer workshops and short courses so, take a look online and see what appeals to you.

A summer bucket list is the best way to ensure that you’re on track to the best summer yet and with everything from road trips to take and friends to meet, there really are no limitations of things you can do. What else is on your summer bucket list for this year? Let us know in the comments below.
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