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10 Things To Actually Spend Your Money On In College

The hefty price tag of college tuition alone is shocking enough, not to mention the additional costs that come with living alone and attempting to make that college apartment feel a little more like home. Here are some things I have found to be necessary in my own college life, hopefully they help clarify just what to spend your money on and help you save some cash for the more important things like happy hour and mimosa pitchers! Below are 10 things to actually spend your money on in college:

1. Sound Machine (Preferably one with an alarm clock)

For those nights where you want to go to bed at 9 pm but your roommates want to come home at 4 am. Nothing better than some ocean noises to cover up everything else.


2. A (Reliable) Printer

Do not assume that your future roomie will provide one, and even if they do it is not a guarantee they will be cool with you using it to print out your twenty page essays. There are days when waking up an extra hour early to sprint to the campus library to print an assignment will not sound appealing (especially when you end up having to wait in an excruciating line just to get to the computer). Trust me, splurging on a printer and ink will be a life saver in the long run when it comes to saving yourself both time and arguments with your roommates over ink.

3. A French Press because Keurig Coffee is not Good Coffee.

Keurigs are great because of convenience, however those k-cups are expensive, not to mention the coffee pay-off is often less than optimal. A French press is a relatively simple way to get that strong coffee taste that you need for that 8 am. Also, no need to purchase expensive K-cups every week!

4. A Solid, Reliable Watch (that goes with everything).

A good watch is so important, especially during lectures where your professor forbids phones and the clock is in the back of the room. Or for when you’re taking a test and trying not to look like you’re cheating.


5. Diffuser/Candles (Enough for a spa day.)

A room that smells good is beyond important, also sometimes you just need a bath and nothing is better than having enough candles to make you think you’re living in a five star resort. Diffusers are great too, especially if you’re afraid of fires or living the dorm candle-free life.


6. Windbreaker that doubles as a rain jacket.

If there’s one thing going to school in Florida has taught me, it’s that rain is always a possibility no matter how sunny or hot it appears to be. Make sure the jacket has a hood and you’re good to go, no one wants to lug a huge umbrella around campus all day.

7. A Blender that Doubles as A Cup for those lazy mornings

Nothings is better than a fresh smoothie for breakfast especially when all that’s needed is some ice and frozen fruit. A way to make this even easier is buying a blender that doubles as a cup, just blend and take it with you minimizing clean-up time and helping you get to class on time.


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8. Trash Bags WITH TIES

Taking out the trash is one of the most basic duties of adulating that can be made extremely annoying when the trash bag doesn’t come with ties. Trust me – pay the extra dollar for ties in order to eliminate the possibility of stuff falling out and all over you on your way to the trash chute.

9. SHOUT Wipes in Every Place Imaginable

Nothing will come in handy more than some tide-to-go or Shout wipes whether it be coffee stains or ketchup stains, tide-to-go can quite literally save your life. Keep some in your bag, some in your car, literally anywhere you might reach for one. There is no greater feeling of despair than spilling coffee on your brand new interview outfit.

10. Extreme Amounts of Dry Shampoo

Let’s face it, not everyone has the luxury of time and the motivation to shower everyday which is why dry shampoo is the BEST thing to happen to college students nationwide. Nothing is worse than greasy hair and knowing there is not enough time to shower before having to be somewhere, grab some dry shampoo and you’re good to go! (Just remember to make sure it’s absorbed completely before you head out the door).

Can you think of any more things to actually spend your money on in college? Share your thoughts below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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