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7 Things That You Are Forgetting to Pack For Your Dorm

While you might be busy picking out your twin XL duvet and a matching shower caddy, there are going to be a few things that you are forgetting to pack for your dorm room. These things might seem obvious but in the busyness of packing, you might find yourself forgetting to pack these essentials. They need to find their way onto your Target list to ensure you have everything you need for the upcoming school year! 

1. School Supplies

With all of the Pinterest boards you are visiting to build your dream dorm room, you might be forgetting the actual reason you are making this dorm room and therefore forgetting to pack your school supplies. You might be on the go on your new college campus, so make sure that your backpack is equipped with everything from pencils, chargers, and a few snacks to keep you going through the day.

Remember that things will look a little different in college and you do not want to be the girl who forgot to pack a pen, even for syllabus day. This could help you make a new friend in class if you have an extra pencil or piece of paper to offer to your partner! Also, do not forget to grab a few supplies for your desk in your dorm for those late-night study sessions!

2. Sleeping Mask

After a day full of studying, classes, and being an amazing college student, it is time for bed! Whether you are sharing your space with a roommate or find yourself on a particularly loud floor in your hall, you might be forgetting to pack a sleeping mask. Maybe you need to sleep in complete darkness but your roommate will need a nightlight to even consider falling asleep. A sleeping mask will solve all of your problems and help you get that full eight hours before class!

Sleeping masks are made out of different materials or fabrics, but silk sleeping masks are some of our favorites! This material will show some love to your skin and eyes while you catch up on your beauty rest!

3. Costumes

The beautiful thing about college is the spontaneity of it all. Things that can happen at the spur of the moment or you will end up needing something random that you are forgetting to pack. You never know when you might need your old cheer uniform for a campus fraternity event or even the alien antennas for an event on campus.

Especially on your first week at school, there will be so many welcome week events that might require a costume or a theme of some sort. You can never be too prepared with what you choose to bring, but you do not want to forget it and regret it later on!

4. Headboard

In most dorm rooms, the beds will not have a headboard or you will have a makeshift headboard made from the cinder block walls. To ensure optimal comfortability and a super cute dorm room, there are DIYs all over Pinterest for makeshift headboards or even a few Etsy shops that will make you one with your school colors and monogram. 

Even a cute tapestry can be hung to fill the space behind your new bed. Some fake greenery from your local craft store can give the illusion of a headboard. To make up for the small bed and the small room, you can give yourself the gift of a headboard to make dorm life a little more enjoyable and comfortable.

5. Organizers

Moving to college means you are packing up and moving your entire life to a tiny room to be shared with someone for an entire school year. With such little space, things can get cramped pretty fast as you are not given many things to help keep things organized.

To help your school year go more smoothly and to start off in an organized manner, do not forget to pack any sort of organizers to get the most use out of your space. Anything that will fit under your new bed or your new desk will help keep everything together and organized. Plus it will help to get your desired Pinterest-worthy dorm if everything is tidy!

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6. Space Heater/Fan

Whether you are attending college in the warm and humid South or the brisk and cool North, the temperatures of your dorm or hall are going to be finicky and most likely not to your liking. A small standing fan or space heater will help you feel more comfortable in your new space whether you are sweating or freezing.

This can also help prevent any potential roommate arguments if you each prefer different temperatures. Thankfully, there are plenty of fans, heaters, or combinations of the two all over Amazon, so you should have no trouble finding something that you like. Keep yourself comfortable during the night, while studying, or just hanging out with your new college friends!

7. Curtains

When you arrive at your dorm for the first time, you are going to be met with a little room full of nothing. This will be a blank canvas for you to decorate with everything that you love and makes up your personality. In this decorating, you might be forgetting to pack curtains on top of everything else you will need. 

Cross your fingers that your new dorm has window blinds to help keep the sun out of your space or to give you some privacy. If you arrive on move-in day to none of those, curtains can help both of those problems. Also, the curtains will help to keep the morning or evening sun out your dorm and might help you get a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning! 

Regardless of what you decide to bring or what you forget to pack, make sure you make your new dorm a welcoming place for your school year. What things are you forgetting to pack for your new dorm?

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