10 Things That Will Probably Never Happen To You At University of North Dakota

Up here in the coldest city in America, things can get pretty predictable. If you go to the University of North Dakota, here are 10 things that have probably never happened to you and by never, I mean always.

1. You will never meet anyone that is from the “cities.”

When you ask someone where they’re from, their response is usually not “down by the cities.”

2. You will never try a grinder from Red Pepper.

I guarantee you will never wait in line at 2 in morning for one. They’re not good and the line is not worth the wait.

3. You will never have to walk to class in the middle of a blizzard.

Your class at the University of North Dakota will always be cancelled if it’s snowing out.

4. You will never have to worry about finding a parking spot on campus.

You won’t drive around in circles waiting for someone to leave so you can jump on the parking spot. There is always plenty of parking.

5. You will never hear anyone talking about opening weekend of the hunting season.

When your professor asks about everyone’s weekend plans, you won’t here someone talk about how they are going hunting.

6. You will never get blown across campus at the University of North Dakota because it in so windy.

You won’t experience any winds above 15 mph.

7. You will never come home from the bars at 2 in the morning and order Deek’s Pizza.

You will never lie about having a free bread sticks coupon.

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8. You will never go to a hockey game.

You will never step foot inside the Ralph.

9. You will never experience sub-zero temperatures.

You won’t ever check the temperature and see that it is -30 degrees outside.

10. You will never make life-long friends.

Chances are you won’t ever meet anyone that you can call your best friend.

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