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10 Things That Will Probably Never Happen To You At Emerson College

10 Things That Will Probably Never Happen To You At Emerson College


So many things happen at Emerson College; parties, events, everyday miracles, anything you could possibly imagine, really. But there are some things that would never happen to you at Emerson College. At Emerson you definitely will not: 

1. See a group of freshmen walking around with their keys and ID on a lanyard around their neck.

Those things get lost; this fashion statement is purely preventing a $25 fee and…

2. Get stuck waiting for an elevator at 12:55 before your 1PM class.

Rolling into Einstein’s at 12:45 for your bagel was a necessity, class can wait.



3. Find a good place to sit in the library.

This isn’t even a joke.

4. Get caught behind a campus tour.

Sometimes you want to shout “Welcome to Emerson!”, and other times you want to shout “Get out of my way!” – the latter would give them a better glimpse of what our student body is really like.


5. Get annoyed by pre-college program kids thinking they own the campus in August.

You don’t even go here.

6. Stop under the Ritz to get warm when it’s negative 20 degrees outside.

That Avery St. wind-tunnel can really get to you sometimes, man.



7. See an Emerson Stage show and be blown away by all the talented performers in it.

Because we definitely don’t have one of the best performing arts departments in the country; no siree.

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8. Get caught in a cloud of smoke outside Whisky Saigon on a Tuesday afternoon.

*cough cough*

9. Be woken up by construction going on outside your P-Row dorm window.

Don’t forget to wave to your friendly neighborhood construction worker who has a perfect view of your entire room from his spot on the scaffolding.

10. Spend all your Board Bucks half-way through the semester.

And you definitely won’t make Facebook statuses, pleading with your friends to swipe you into the DH or grab you something from the Max.

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