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15 Things That Will Only Happen To You At Providence College

15 Things That Will Only Happen To You At Providence College

There are certain things that are only going to happen to you if you're a student at Providence College. These are just some.

Every school is unique in their own special way, and every school has problems or scenarios that are only exclusive to the students attending. Providence College is no different.

1. You have wayward squirrels scamper around your feet.

When a squirrel, or actually any woodland creature, comes very close to you, you feel like a Disney Princess. However, when a squirrel comes near you at Providence College, it is more of a nuance than a magical, Disney Princess-esque moment.

2. Your wardrobe slowly becomes exclusively PC gear

You probably started off your freshman year with pristine clothes from American Eagle, Forever 21 and H&M. You probably still have those same clothes but they are currently buried in your closet by PC sweatshirts and sweatpants. But in all fairness, PC sweats are ridiculously comfortable. And does anyone really want to dress up for an 8:30 am class?


3. You layer your computer with stickers.

Every college student does this, but at Providence College, one of those stickers must be either Providence College related or the Vineyard Vines whale. There are no excuses or exceptions.


4. You abandon all hope when using CyberFriar.

When it is course registration time, you probably have 4 backup classes for each class you are registering for because you know that it is only inevitable that CyberFriar will crash.

5. You are forced to stand in a line that wraps around Slavin to return your textbooks at the end of each semester.

And your hair turns grey while you are waiting.

6. Speaking of lines, you wait in the Dunkin line no matter how long it is.

Even if it means that you will be five minutes late to class.


7. You become a devotee to Sparknotes.

It is merely impossible to read 100 pages of the Odyssey in one night while you are juggling four other classes. In order to pass Western Civ, you must master the art of skimming through Sparknotes.

8. You know that an off-campus house with an orange sticker on the door is a party house.

It is basically a rite of passage for living off-campus.


9. You get free rides on the RIPTA.

The perks of going to PC is that you get free rides on the RIPTA, which conveniently takes you to Providence Place Mall and other destinations in Downtown Providence. The only downside: it is the RIPTA.

10. You dread walking from Harkins to Smith.

It is easier to deliver a ring to Mount Doom in Mordor than walk from Harkins to Smith. The worst part is that you arrive to class all sweaty and your hair is a wind-blown mess. Oh, and you are late.

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11. If you are a commuter, or a student with a car on campus, you know there is no ample parking at all.

The parking garage is usually completely full by 10am. The lot near Eaton Street is usually packed with only one or two spaces left (if you are lucky). And you can only park behind Ruane and the Library after 4:30pm. You are resorted to parking on a side street near Slavin or St. Pius V Church and hiking all the way to class.

12. You cannot live without the PC Card Holder on your phone.

Yet you still lose your PC ID.


13. You have died a little inside after finding out that Ruane Cafe does not accept Starbucks gift cards.

And you are left in your misery with a pile of Starbucks gift cards given to you for Christmas. Are you really going to trek off campus to Starbucks and back when it is conveniently located right in the library?

14. You got lost in Al Mag (especially if you are not a Science major).

It is practically a maze inside there. And to protract the confusion, the school has recently renovated and expanded the building.


15. You have lost a lot Friarbucks (or if you don’t have a meal plan, real money) at Alumni Dining Hall.

All college bookstores and dining halls have a mutual agreement to hike up prices by 300%.

Are you a student at Providence College? Do you relate? Tell us in the comments!
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