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15 Things That Will Only Happen To You At Kent State University

15 Things That Will Only Happen To You At Kent State University

15 Things That Will Only Happen To You At Kent State University

As Kent State University students, we pride ourselves in having an accepting, diverse and unique campus. Whether it’s tromping through a foot of snow to attend class or wishing a PARTA bus would hit you and pay your tuition, our university is an experience in itself. Here is a list of things only Kent State University students will understand!

1. Black Squirrels are everywhere, and they aren’t scared of you.

Someone brought black squirrels done from Canada a while ago, and they just haven’t left. These squirrels will not hesitate to run right up to you.

15 Things That Will Only Happen To You At Kent State University


2. You are on hold with One Stop for hours.

Ever since Kent State University created their One Stop for financial services, no one can get through. I have personally been on hold for over two hours with these people.

3. No matter what time it is, there’s no place to park.

Have an 8AM? All the parking spots are taken. Going somewhere at 9PM? Sorry, no parking available. Don’t even think about trying to park somewhere you shouldn’t though, because parking services is always out for blood.

4. You’ve never been to a Kent State University football game.

Every game day is rainy or snowy and our team always loses. The Kent State University police don’t enjoy letting people have fun, so don’t even think about tailgating!


5. You always look for the library when you’re lost.

“The library is the highest building in Kent” is something you’ve probably heard a hundred times since you became a student, possibly even before. It comes in handy though, because that first week of classes have you walking in circles.

6. You are always walking against the wind.

This campus was created for Arizona whether so we are all still unsure how it got dropped in Ohio. Regardless, the entirety of Kent State University is a wind tunnel, and it is practically impossible to find a way out of it.

15 Things That Will Only Happen To You At Kent State University


7. Larpers.

People with armor and foam sticks smacking each other around on the student green is the telltale sign that it’s a nice day out. Weird, but honestly pretty entertaining when you watch them for a while.

8. Students are dressed to the 9’s in your 7:45.

Since Kent State University is a top fashion school (who knew, right), you will always see at least one person dressed nicely for their 7AM classes. You can usually tell which ones are fashion students.

9. Classes are NEVER canceled.

6 inches of snow? Go to class. An inch of ice? Go to class. You have to ice skate on the sidewalks? You’re probably still going to class.


10. Someone you know studied abroad in Florence.

Kent has its own campus in Florence, so plenty of students study abroad there. Many of them are fashion students, as it’s a requirement to study abroad.

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11. Kent police are EVERYWHERE.

Sometimes you don’t even know how they got there. We are thankful for our law enforcement, but seriously guys? This is a college campus!


12. Parta buses.

Every Kent State University student has walked down the sidewalk wishing a Parta bus would hit them so they can get free tuition. That is when the bus actually comes to pick you up.

15 Things That Will Only Happen To You At Kent State University

13. Yelling “Screw the Roo.”

We don’t talk about “that team down the road.” Although we were told that “Screw the Roo” was unsportsmanlike, we are still going to say it, because Screw Akron.


14. You have no morning classes on May 4th.

Odds are someone mentioned the Vietnam War shootings when you mentioned you were going to Kent State. On the day it happened, there are no classes from 10-12 to honor the four victims of the shooting.

15. You are a master at dodging protestors.

There’s always some kind of protest, demonstration, or people handing out Jesus cards. They will walk up to you even if you seem very uninterested, so if you’re a Kent State University student this is a skill you must master.

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