15 Things That Will Only Happen To You At Colorado State University

My time at Colorado State University were some of the best years of my life. Any day of the week I will loudly say I’m proud to be a CSU Ram. After graduating I thought back to a few things that will only happen to you at that campus.

If you were Ram you definitely will relate to most if not all of the things below.

1. Owning A Lot Of Forest Green and Vegas Gold

Since moving away I’ve realized just how much of my wardrobe consists of those two very specific colors. From wanting to support my school on game days to simply wanting to show school spirit on a Wednesday I have many, many Forest Green and Vegas Gold items of clothing.

2. President Tony Franks Infamous Emails

For anyone who’s attended Colorado State University within the last ten years will know exactly what I mean in reference to Tony Franks emails. The former President was known for sending incredibly long, albeit touching, emails. It didn’t matter if it was just a new semester address or something more serious he treated all emails with equal importance, and length.

3. Photos With A Bighorn Sheep

It’s arguably a right of passage at Colorado State University to take a photo with Cam the Ram. After being chosen in 1947 as the mascot he has been present at most games and general fun events. We’re currently in our 25th installment of Cam who, might I say, is quite adorable.

4. Running With Ram

If just getting a photo with Cam isn’t enough you can become a Ram Handler. They are the students who take care of Cam all the time, that means making sure his pen is clean and he is bathed. If you do decided to become a Ram Handler just know you’ll always have the lucky privilege of running with Cam after home team touchdowns.

5. Hiking To Paint A Giant “A”

Every fall students will hike the Foothills Trail to repaint one of Fort Collins most recognizable landmark, a giant “A”. Originally being painted back in 1923 to stand for “Aggies” it has become a time honored tradition to maintain that “A”.

6. Understanding What The Giant “A” Means

On your hike up to paint the “A” you may ask yourself why you’re painting a giant “A” considering Colorado State University doesn’t have an “A” in it. Well before we were CSU we were called the Aggies, which was short for Colorado Agriculture and Mechanical College. Despite the name change in 1957 we aren’t ones to forget our past.

7. Owning A Smidge Of Aggie Orange

Okay so we really aren’t ones to forget about the past. For the past 37 years Colorado State University has painted the town Aggie Orange for Ag Day. A holiday created through the 4-H program on campus to remember CSU’s agricultural history.

8. Reading A Nationally Ranked College Paper

The Rocky Mountain Collegian was ranked ninth best campus newspaper in the 2019 ranking done by The Princeton Review. Considering The Collegian went up against 384 campus newspapers, beating out universities like Penn State and Brown, is proof that the news staff at The Collegian is doing something right.

9. The Undie Run

Now this definitely is something that happens on other campuses, but it’s still very fun and liberating. Is it controversial? Yes. Is it a great way to blow off some steam before finals? Definitely.

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10. Getting Stuck Behind A Train

You’ve heard of getting stuck in traffic but try getting stuck behind a train. Several train tracks line Fort Collins, with one actually going through campus

11. U+ 2

If your dream of college living meant being in a house of five of your closest friends think again.  Within city limits it is illegal to have more than 3 unrelated people living in a house. As frustrating as that rule is the city of Fort Collins takes it very seriously so be safe rather than sorry.

12. The Fight Song

Fight on you stalwart Ram Team,
On to the goal!
Tear the (Opponent’s) line asunder,
As down the field we thunder.
Knights of the green and gold,
Fight on with all your might!
Fight on you stalwart Ram Team,
Fight! Fight! Fight!

13. The Old Main Bell

This might sound like an urban legend but it’s definitely real. The Old Main Bell was stolen in 1919 and was considered lost with only a few members of a fraternity knowing the location. In 2016 the bell was found in the front yard of the Director of the CSU Alumni Association’s home.

14. The Rocky Mountain Showdown

If you only want to go to one sporting event this is definitely the game you want to be at. Going on 125 years this game is played between Colorado State University and The University of Colorado. The game has been played at Mile Stadium in Denver since 1998 and it’s an experience for the books.

15. Proud To Be A CSU Ram

Last but certainly not least the most important thing that will happen to you at Colorado State University is the feeling of immense pride to be a CSU Ram. Win or lose you’ll always hear students and alumni screaming the phrase “I said I’m proud to be a CSU Ram!”

Do you have any other experiences you think are unique to CSU? Comment below!

Shelby Filangi

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