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10 Things That Will Make You Wish You Were Starting School at SMU Tomorrow

10 Things That Will Make You Wish You Were Starting School at SMU Tomorrow

So many highlights will make you want to come to D-town. These will make you wish you were starting school at Southern Methodist University tomorrow.

There are many, many highlights that will make you want to come straight to D-town. Here are ten things that will make you wish you were starting school at Southern Methodist University tomorrow.

1. SMU’S “Boulevarding.”

Not your average run of the mill tailgate, that’s for sure. Here at SMU, game day is home to hours long brunches and girls sporting either white, red, or blue. Lets just say people take the phrase whiteout to blackout all too literally.

2. Bungalow Beach Club parties.

Oh the Bungalow, where some of the wildest darties of first semester take place. Chances are if you know SMU, you know about the Bungalow. If concerts with Waka Flaka and Migos doesn’t get you excited about SMU, I honestly don’t know what will.


3. SMU crosses borders…quite literally.

Spring break is the cornerstone of every kid’s college experience. That’s why SMU does spring break the right way by venturing across the border to Cabo San Lucas. Despite the chaos and various array of dangers that accompany spring break in Cabo, SMU kids just keep on going back. After all, what’s better than Cabo? No seriously.


4. The Drinks in Dallas are extra AF.

Think outrageous Moscow mules, frosé, and fishbowls galore. What more could you ask for?


5. SMU encourages year round tans.

Not one, but two outdoor pools accompany the pristine campus of Southern Methodist University. There’s the diving pool if you’re feeling a little shy about your gradual tan, and the tanning pool if you’re feeling social. Both are easy on the eyes.

6. Brunching becomes a sport at SMU.

It seems that when in doubt, brunch. Brunch at SMU is not simply a meal, but rather a ritualistic gathering of bottomless mimosas and bruschetta. Of course every SMU student has their own preferences, however most tend to gather at Taverna, Villa-O, and Cedar Grove.

7. Daytime Playtime in Dallas.

Lucky for you, going out doesn’t take place just when the sun goes down. During the warm months (which is pretty much year round), the daytime is spent at various outdoor bars and darties around Dallas. Everyone knows lazy Saturday afternoons are for the Rustic and Katy Ice Trail.

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8. Burgers, Burgers, Burgers.

For the west coast lovers, Dallas sports the all time favorite In-N-Out, while east coasters can enjoy the familiar shake shack. SMU students have the luxury of choosing one of the two, although most end up opting for both.


9. Sweet home Avenu.

Whether you call it Avenu or the Nu, it’s still the same club that never seems to get old. I’m sure you know everything there is to say about this staple Saturday night out. Just know that when you receive that first “soooo avenue tonight???” text, you’re in for a real treat.

10. SMU is in a CITY.

Unlike most schools where you’re lucky if a Walmart is within driving distance, SMU has literally everything you need and could possibly want near by.

What are some other things you love about starting school at Southern Methodist University?
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