10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At Virginia Tech

There are so many things that will happen to you at Virginia Tech on a daily basis. From getting a parking ticket, to being frustrated by Blacksburg transportation. If you’re a Virginia Tech student, you’ll definitely be able to relate!

1. Getting a parking ticket.

It’s inevitable really.

2. Running into the Hokie Bird somewhere random on campus.

People will actually chase him to get a picture.


3. Jumping to Enter Sandman.

Even if you aren’t at Lane stadium, you’ll jump.

4. Watching Tech kick UVA’s ass.

I mean we really are the best.

5. Take a math emporium class.

Lord help you.

6. Go to a tailgate on Center.

Get hype. Center is where its at.


7. Get lost or confused using Blacksburg Transit.

Best of luck to you on your bus endeavors.

8. Take World Regions or Human Sexuality.

Gotta fill those area requirements, am I right?

9. Have a class in McBryde Rm 100.

Or take an exam. Either way, you will have a reason to be in there.

10. Start wearing maroon and orange together on a daily basis.

Colors we never thought would look good together.

What are some other things that will happen to you at Virginia Tech on a daily basis? Comment below!
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