10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At UNH

Whether you’re starting your freshman year at UNH or it’s your senior year, there are some things that you cannot avoid if you’re a Wildcat. From nights at Scorps to going a little overboard during Cinco, these are 10 things that will 100% happen to you during your time at UNH!

1. Spend way too much money in the campus bookstore on apparel

Either it be at the campus bookstore, Town & Campus, or Hayden sports you will end up spending way more than you planned. You might think one sweatshirt will be plenty at your time at UNH, but then you see someone with a cool water bottle or need game day apparel. It always happens some way or another. There aren’t many bomb discounts at these stores. You still end up buying everything though. These stores are really the go to place if a family member needs a quick gift too.

10 things that will 100% happen to you during your time at UNH!

2. Attend a UNH BBQ

UNH BBQs are the best. What’s better than ‘free’ food? The best BBQs to attend at UNH is the one on UDAY as well as the one on Cinco De Mayo. Unfortunately, one year the BBQ was canceled on Cinco due to inclement weather, everyone on campus was bummed. It’s the worst when UNH cancels things… Anyways, nothing beats when you have the drunchies on Cinco and can get a pulled pork sandwich, watermelon, and endless amounts of hot dogs.

10 things that will 100% happen to you during your time at UNH!


3. Get way too wavy on Cinco De Mayo

You will wake up at 10 am to make that perfect Margarita. Cinco de Mayo is a day at UNH where everyone gets up early to drink. You will have so much fun on Cinco, but you will probably cry at least once throughout the day. Most likely the reason for you crying is over something absolutely ridiculous! Tequila really does make you get a little too loco!

10 things that will 100% happen to you during your time at UNH!

4. Tailgate with everyone on campus on Homecoming

If you want to attend the homecoming tailgate I would suggest you reserve a spot way in advance! Some parents are die hard tailgaters. Don’t worry though, those parents love to share and will feed you many cheeseburgers. They just might even offer you a beer, most parents at this event love to share. You will run into everyone at the tailgate you know because everyone goes. Make sure you get a ticket before they sell out!


10 things that will 100% happen to you during your time at UNH!

5. Spend all your money on shack and dollar drinks at Scorps

You think that three-dollar coffee from shack is super cheap, until you find yourself tagging along on the ride everyday. Shack isn’t so cheap after you start buying it everyday. Shack definitely isn’t so cheap once you do the math! However, it’s okay to be broke in college, right? Dollar drinks at Scorps allows you to be that broke college student. Make sure you get to Scorps early or you’ll be waiting all night for those dollar drinks.

10 things that will 100% happen to you during your time at UNH!

6. Lose your spot in the online waiting room for spring/fall concert

At one point in time at UNH you would have to wake up at the crack of dawn to wait outside the MUB to get tickets to a concert. One day the University thought they had this brilliant idea to create a virtual waiting room. No more walking to the MUB at the crack of dawn to stand in line. This idea sounds brilliant, right? Wrong. The virtual waiting room crashes just as you are trying to check out. UNH says it’s the server your on, so it’s obviously not their fault! Once you finally log back on you are sent back to the beginning of the virtual waiting room line and then come to find out there are no floor tickets left! If you want a floor ticket, I suggest you still head down to the MUB early or log on right as tickets go on sale! DON’T refresh your browser either!

10 things that will 100% happen to you during your time at UNH!

7. Join class pages and get endless notifications

It seems like a good idea at the time. I still do encourage you to at least join your own class page at UNH, however be warned for endless notifications. Some things are more relevant to you than others. You might find use in some of the posts in the group. On the other hand, some of the posts might seem useless to you! Be careful what you chose to comment on some of the posts too.

8. Lose your ID at least once at UNH and then find it after you get a new one

Not everyone is as lucky as the others. Some IDs are found and posted on the UNH Facebook pages to be claimed. However, maybe no one found your ID. Maybe you forgot it in a random coat pocket or it is somewhere mixed between the clutter in your dorm room. So, you finally go and get a new ID. About 2 weeks after you get a new ID, guess what, you find your old one. Be careful trying to enter anywhere without your ID, especially the Hamel Rec center. One time my roommate and I tried to both use her ID, bad idea.

9. Probably see your professor on a night out

Don’t be surprised if you happen to run into your professor somewhere other than the classroom! It happens more often than not, since a lot of professors chose to live either in Durham or Newmarket. Some professors even go to Libby’s, everyone loves Libby’s not just students!

10 things that will 100% happen to you during your time at UNH!

10. UNH transit will drive away from you at least one time before you graduate (even though you sprinted to the bus stop)

Running late to class? Or trying to get downtown on a Friday night? Don’t even waste your time trying to run in those heels. The driver’s excuse might be that it was dark and that they didn’t see you, but we all know that’s probably not the real reason why. Some of the drivers just don’t care if you are sprinting to the door of their bus. I suggest you arrive at the bus stop at least two minutes before the bus is expected to arrive. It’s always the worst when you miss the bus, especially the weekend connecter.

10 things that will 100% happen to you during your time at UNH!

Have these things happened to you at UNH!? Share your stories in the comments below!

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