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10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At Syracuse University

10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At Syracuse University

There are so many things that will happen to you at Syracuse University on a daily basis. If you're a Syracuse student, you'll definitely relate.

There’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to college. What will I study? Who will be my friends? What am I doing this weekend? However, when you go to Syracuse, you can be certain these 10 things will totally happen to you before your graduate. Embrace all of the things that will happen to you at Syracuse University.

1. Traveling in a “herd” of other freshman the first two weekends.

It’s bound to happen, so we just embrace the upperclassmen mooing at them. You and your 30 closest friends are all going to be running to the same party, which is most likely to be shut down by the time you haul your ass from BBB to an off-campus fraternity house.

2. Ending up at DJ’s after freshman year.

Somehow you got it in your head that once you and your friends got fake ID’s you’d never have to go to DJ’s again. Wrong. Every once in a while you’ll accidentally find yourself downing a strong island on the foggy DJ’s dance floor.



3. Falling asleep any time of the day in Bird.

Even if it’s 3 PM, your two classes that morning and the all nighter (or all night binge drinking) will hit you hard. No amount of coffee from Pages can fix this.

4. Peeing somewhere on the quad.

It’s okay if this hasn’t happened to you yet, maybe you just never break the seal. But for those with small bladders walking through the quad to the next party, peeing here is a must.


5. Running after a South Campus bus.

Even if they do come pretty regularly, there’s always an adrenaline rush when you’re walking past Shaffer Art Building and you see the 344 about to close it’s doors. Especially when it’s snowing.

6. Regret eating an entire Calio’s calzone at 3 AM.

It’s not your fault you have the drunk munchies, and a GrubHub coupon code, and a 45 minute delivery time…



7. Sharing a fishbowl with at least 5 other people.

Just try to not think about the germ aspect of this, and just appreciate the over-sugared, delicious, instagram-worthy alcoholic drink.

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8. Getting lost inside Newhouse.

Whether you’re a Newhouse major or not, this will totally happen, and it will totally make you late to wherever you’re going. One minute you’re on the bridge, and the next you’re in a smoothie line. Oops.


9. Falling down a flight of stairs at a fraternity house.

Drunk, maybe wearing heels or shitty sneakers, and wet slippery wood staircases are not a good combination. Although you will get to show off your battle bruises the next morning to your best friends.

10. Considering (and maybe actually) camping out before a sports game.

As biased as it sounds, Syracuse University has one of the greatest fan bases of all time. We love the Orange, and would gladly camp out in frigid weather just to see our team win up close.



Are there any other things that will happen to you at Syracuse University? Comment below!
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