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20 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At Penn State University

20 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At Penn State University

If you’re a student at Penn State, you know there are certain things that are bound to happen on a daily basis. I can almost guarantee 110% these are the things that will happen to you at Penn State University…

This is a collaborative piece by: Joyce Lin and Hannah Feeney

1. Catch the freshman plague.

This is one of the worst things that will happen to you at Penn State University. Jokes on you if you thought you would be able to make the semester without being deathly sick and bedridden. One of the lovely things about living with a bunch of freshmen is that once someone catches something, you’ll most likely get it too!! Do yourself a favor and have your own DIY CVS in your dorm room (Emergen-C, Advil, Nyquil, etc).


2. Slip on the black ice. 

Make sure to pack some skates because if you didn’t know, our campus can also turn into an ice skating rink! Check it out, it’ll make you laugh for sure.


3. Lose your fracket.

There’s a saying that if you love something, it will make it’s way back. Well that doesn’t apply to your fracket, so be prepared to never see it again. There is a 99.9% chance you will lose it or get it stolen.


4. Lose your PSU ID/key.

You’ve probably given up hoping someone turns in your ID or key within 24 hours because your friends are getting sick of swiping in/paying meals for you. Plus, those items are absolutely essential. Just remember that costs $15 to replace your ID and $65 to rewire your lock.  

5. Drunk order food and fall asleep before the food gets there.

The party gets to the best of us…Sorry deliveryman!


6. Be asked “who do you know”/”what sorority are you in?”

If you are a girl, you will probably be slightly offended when the guys at the door don’t let you in. Don’t jump to conclusions, it’s not because you’re not pretty enough!! This is only because fraternities have to respect their social schedule with certain sororities.



7. Awkwardly make eye contact with the guy/girl you hooked up with.

Can someone explain to me how there are 40,000 students in Penn State, yet you still manage to see your hookup from last night at the commons? The only thing you can do now is put on a pokerface and pretend like it never happened! Odds are, he/she is feeling just as awkward.


8. Not remember anything from last night.

We’ve all been there before. Blackout or back out, friends. Hopefully you didn’t do anything too embarrassing or lose/shatter your phone!

9. Rally

You might’ve taken some L’s at the daylong, but you bounce right back later that night. Are you really a Penn Stater if you don’t rally? What are responsibilities and homework anyways?


10. Uber (of Lyft) everywhere

Sometimes the buses are taking too long or the walk from South to East is too much for you. Sometimes you just want to get to fratland/downtown without suffocating with 60 other freshmen because you’re not trying to catch hypothermia. Whatever it is, uber f***king everywhere. 


11. You will drunkenly order pokie sticks.

No matter how hard you will try to resist giving into the cheesy goodness, it will eventually happen. (Goodbye Summer Bod)


12. You will get kicked off the bus.

After all, what’s a rainy/snowy day without getting kicked off of the bus because you’re in front of the yellow line? These bus drivers DO NOT make exceptions for anyone.



13. You will have a crazy close interaction with the squirrels around campus.

The squirrels here are basically students here without paying tuition. If you’re lucky, they will even walk you to class!



14. You’ll put up with the HUB Starbucks line.

No matter how long that line is, you will stand in it because you cannot possibly make it through the day without caffeine.


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15. You’ll have to get crafty/sneaky AF trying to get into a frat.

A frat house that has reached capacity is harder to get into than a Beyoncé concert, super bummer.


16. You will miss a class.

We all love the Penn State winters, but crawling back into bed and not going to your 9 am is sometimes the move. Who needs that class anyway!



17. You will wonder why this campus is so damn big.

We all know that the saying, “You can make it anywhere on campus in 15 minutes” …yeah right. Our campus may be beautiful, but invest in a pair of sneakers for all the walking.



18. You’ll fangirl over the football players.

Whether you’re a boy or girl, young or old, the football players will always be amazing and gorgeous so why not obsess, right?



19. You’ll show up late to a lecture and not have a seat.

Most likely this will happen in 100 Thomas. Sitting on the floor is not ideal.



20. You will cross the street without looking.

College is all about fearlessly saying to yourself, “Hit me, pay my tuition”. Even though you may think you will not stoop to this level, it will happen. Looking both ways is not exactly practiced here!


What are some other things that will happen to you at Penn State University? Comment below!
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