10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At Ole Miss

If you've been a student at Ole Miss then you can guarantee that this list of things have definitely happened to you at least once!

As the days go on and the semesters and school years start to come to a close, you can’t help but run into the same things that happen over and over again. Whether it’s funny or weird you always remember that strange situation that you either ran into or just observed from a far. Here are 10 things that will 100 percent happen to you at Ole Miss.

1. Every person you meet is from Texas

Whether you’re meeting new people or just listening in on another conversation you start to realize that 3/4 of the university is from Texas. It’s like Texas doesn’t even have any Universities in the state for Texans to attend to because the entire population is filling up Ole Miss. You also realize how much Texans love their state and how much they complain that Mississippi isn’t Texas. Shocking. But if Texans love Texas so much, why did they leave???

These are things that will totally happen to you if you attend Ole Miss!

2. When you hear somebody say “Are You Ready?” you never really know if they’re actually asking you the question or if they just want to hear you say the Hotty Toddy chant.

The Hotty Toddy chant is all fun and games until you say it five times in a span of 10 minutes. It gets a little confusing though when you’re in class about to take a test and your teacher ask “are you ready?” You see people looking around at other students to see if they’re gonna say the chant or just let the dead awkward silence fill the room.

3. You will be in the library the first week back from Christmas break.

Sylly week? More like Sylly day. After getting back your grade and GPA from the fall semester you won’t be surprised when you aren’t the only person in the library that very first week.  The first week is known as syllabus week, or how others say it, sylly week, and to some people its the week where they can just mess around and go out to party but for others that only last a day before they are back into the 4.0 season grind.

4. Promise yourself you will stay longer than the first quarter of the football game.

Ole Miss is such a huge football school and the students love and support their team up until a certain point. Once the first half or even the first quarter is done the students start to leave and go and take their naps before getting ready to go out to the bars later that night. The girls leave because once they took a decent picture to post for the social media then that’s all that matters and for the boys…. well once they can start seeing straight and feeling sober then it’s time for them to leave so they can drink more.

5. Use all of flex in the first month of the semester

Flex is all fun and games until it’s a week before spring break and you only have $5.19 left on flex for the remainder of the semester. Thank God for Starbucks gift cards to help your Starbucks addiction so even when you’re out of flex you can still enjoy your coffee with 3 shots of espresso to help you get through the remainder of the day.

6. Drive the 20 minutes to Waffle House instead of going to IHOP that’s just down the street from campus.

Although that sounds crazy, the drive to WH, eat, and drive back is faster than waiting at IHOP for a table when every seat in the restaurant is completely open. Why does the IHOP on Jackson take so long? The world may never know, but after going there one time after a football game and waiting 2 hours to just get our drinks, I will never go back. It breaks my heart to not get the silly face for a year but you have to do what you got to do.

These are things that will totally happen to you if you attend Ole Miss!

7. Fall down the stairs at a fraternity house.

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Although it might not happen to you, you will either see it happen, hear that it happened or experience it yourself. Something about drunk girls and stairs just don’t go together like peanut butter and jelly do, how weird.

8. Only seeing pictures of flowers on Snapchat stories.

The Ole Miss landscaping team doesn’t get enough credit but it sure does get recognition from snap chatters. In the Spring all you will see on snapchat is pictures of the gorgeous trees and flowers that are all over campus. The filters don’t do the beauty of nature justice.

9. One of the struggles about not having a car is Ubering.

After a while it gets tiring having to ask your friends or boyfriend/girlfriends to borrow their car or if they can take you somewhere so in the end you uber. The cost of Ubers are fine priced when it isn’t Thursday- Sunday. If you want an uber on one of those days then you better expect to blow at least $25 just to be taken somewhere that was five miles away. Also you better hope that you don’t get a crazy strict uber that wants to just suck the fun away from everything.

These are things that will totally happen to you if you attend Ole Miss!

10. You’ll die a little bit inside whenever you see a guy holding a red Nike backpack.

The red Nike backpack that you see all over campus indicates that, that person plays a sport here at Ole Miss. You can buy that backpack at the Bookstore for around $80 but who has money for that? Nobody. So for the girls when they see a guy wearing that Nike bag they will drop everything and follow that student-athlete just to talk to him. Girls will be girls.

These are the 10 things that will 100 percent happen to you at Ole Miss and if none of these happen, or even if one doesn’t happen, then did you really go to Ole Miss?
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