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10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At Michigan State University

10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At Michigan State University

During your time at MSU, you’re bound to make the same simple mistakes as every other newbie. Here are things that will happen to you at Michigan State.

Over the course of your time at MSU, regardless of how hard you try, you’re bound to make the same simple mistakes as every other newbie on the block. If you managed to skip over all of these awkward and inevitable experiences, you must have a secret Spartian Angel looking over you. Otherwise, here are 10 things that will happen to you at Michigan State.

1. Take an hour long detour on the CATA.

Is it possible to learn the bus system without accidentally getting on the wrong transfer bus, and instead of going to the CATA station, you find yourself in downtown Lansing?? Or did you get on the “36” on a Saturday thinking it would take you to East Neighborhood, and next thing you know the bus is moving towards south, so you get off when it comes back to the station, only to watch it head off towards Akers without you.


2. Commit to walking everywhere.

Naturally, after your scarring bus experience and uber surges galore, you’ve vowed to yourself that you’re totally walking everywhere for the rest of the semester. Besides, you could use the exercise right?

3. Form an addiction to Union Late Night.

Yeah, you probably DO need those extra steps, because the moment you realized that after 8 pm every night it only takes a 15-minute walk to the Union to get unlimited white cheddar mac, pizza, quesadillas, and sugar galore, your anticipated freshman 15 turned into freshman 50.



4. Convince yourself you’re “actually going to make it to the game this time.”

Every year you manage to persuade your parents into buying you season tickets, just in case you actually want to show some school spirit. By the second game day, your guilt kicks in and you swear to yourself and your friends that you’re really going to make it to the game this time. That morning, you wake up to tailgate per usual. Next thing you know, you’re inevitably waking up on your friend’s sofa with a trashcan next to you and a half-eaten pizza on the table, with only 5 minutes left in the game. Sorry dad, maybe next weekend.


5. Spend your Spartan Cash within the first month of the semester.

It seems that everyone in the grades above tells incoming freshman that they never used their Spartan cash and that they still have it sitting on their account somewhere now, but could it be true? You and all of your friends seemed to have accidentally blown $100 at Pitaya in one day, and hit a balance of $0.00 left, five Chipotle-Taco-Tuesday’s (or burrito bowl Tuesday, same thing right?) later.


6. Try to use combo X-Change on Saturday.

Remember that moment you thought you were BRILLIANT when you decided you’d combo at the caf to stock up on pizza, cookies and ranch for your late night binge, only to get to hand your id to the cashier and be reminded that it’s a Saturday and combo x-change expires on the weekend. Looks like $20 on Gumba’s it is!

7. Recognize that girl/guy in your ISS class but have no recollection of how you met them (if you ever actually met them at all??)

Funny how it seems that you can recognize someone in any general education class you take here at MSU, yet frightening all the same because you can’t remember if they’re the one you constantly see in your dining hall, someone from way back when, or the dreaded I met you when I was blacked and don’t remember what I said or did to you type of stranger.


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8. Debate whether or not to say hi to that kid you never talked to from your high school.

One would think that 50,000 students on one campus would prevent us from running into anyone we went to high school with. Naturally, the one kid that you never spoke to, out of the thirty others from your grade, happens to walk past you every Tuesday afternoon. All you’re left to do is frantically battle with yourself over whether or not to smile and wave hello, or retreat into your phone and pretend like you never saw them.



9. Uberrr everywhereee.

With campus as large and chilly as it is, once winter hits there’s no way we’re all going to stick to our vow of using our feet as our only mode of transportation. However, no one can deny that the greatest part of a night out is often times the unpredictable conversation you have with your 2 am uber driver.


10. Find a job on or near campus.

Whether you find yourself making lattes at Sparty’s, promoting a “trendy” brand you’ve never seemed to have heard of, or serving your friends at Bdubs, chances are you’ll need to acquire your own source of income. After all, your Uber rides, Fieldhouse buckets, and late night Conrad’s splurges are bound to add up, and tuition isn’t getting any cheaper.

What are some more things that will happen to you at Michigan State? Comment below!
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