10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At Florida State University

If you’re a student at FSU, you know there are certain things that are bound to happen on a daily basis. I can almost guarantee 110% these are things that will happen to you at Florida State University…

1. You will go on an awful, random date function.

It’s inevitable.


2. You will lose your FSU ID.

Trust me, you use it way more than you think.


3. You will lose a personal item in Standard.

On really bad nights… you might even lose your phone.

4. You will either witness or be the victim of falling down the Clyde’s stairs.

It makes a hilarious memory and leaves a humongous bruise.

5. You will get a parking ticket.

And then your car will get towed.

Quand M a craqué chez …desigual

6. You will lose half your wardrobe.

If you’re lucky, things will start reappearing towards the end of the semester .


7. You will spend an hour circling Stroz to find a spot.

It’s definitely one of the fanciest places in Tallahassee.

8. You will get in a fight waiting for the bathroom at a bar.

Trust me it happens to the best of us.

you don't know me fighting words gif

9. The statue outside of Stroz will give you a heart attack at least once.

That man is easily mistaken as a dark figure when you leave Stroz at night.

10. You will catch the Tally Plague.

No student of Florida State is safe from getting deathly ill at least once a semester.

Are there any other things that will happen to you at Florida State University on a daily basis? Comment below.
Featured photo source: yelp.com
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