10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At Johnson And Wales University

Things will definitely happen to you at some point in time at Johnson and Wales University. We are here to inform you 10 things that WILL happen at Johnson and Wales University, without a doubt, to you. Please fully read this article to prevent frustration.

1. Seeing your wet laundry on the folding table

People are very rude and impatient and think “Oh there are no open washers available, so let me just take it out and throw it on the folding table.” People won’t be respectful and just come back later, they will touch your stuff so be aware. Because they are geniuses and think they got it all figured out, they will do the same thing with your clothes in the dryer. If you wanted their help doing laundry, I think you would have asked. Set a Timer! Prevent the issue.

2. You will argue with your roommates

College isn’t like it is in the movies, you will at some point hate your roommate. If you are so lucky to get a quad dorm with 3 other roommates, you have just tripled your chances. Being from different states and growing up differently, everyone will have different personalities. Most likely those personalities will be like water and oil. Room changes are available for those in need. Claws will come out, its all just a matter of time.

3. The legend about the community bathrooms are true

If you ever though that community bathrooms are cross and in better words, not pleasant. You are 100% correct. Half the time the toilets are clogged and if you are a girl, the bathrooms are covered in hair. Your chances are high walking into the girls shower and seeing a beautiful chunk of hair stuck to the wall or laying on the floor. For this battle all I can suggest is luck, shower shoes and hopefully you can buy a dorm the following year with a personal bathroom.


4. When you move in most likely something will be broken

The furniture in the dorms are old so one of those items, between your bed squeaking, closet not shutting, and dresser/ desk drawers not opening. If your oh so lucky to have this happen to you, put in a maintenance request to change your fate.

5. Get stuck in rush hour traffic cause of Red Sauce

Around 1 o’clock and 8 o’clock your stomach will be growling at you. If you live on the Harbor side Campus you will want something quick so your stomach decides on Red Sauce for the meal of choice. What your stomach forgot to realize if the Labs getting out around those same times and the line will be long so now you got to wait and continue to hear your stomach yell at you. Remind your stomach to keep track of the time.

6. You will love your labs

If your a Culinary Major or Baking and Pastry Major, you will absolutely love your labs. I’m a Baking and Pastry Major and came to this school for my Major. The chefs are from/ have traveled all over the world just to teach you. Unlike high school you finally get to do something that you love and you see that same passion with your chefs. 2 out of the 3 trimesters doing what you love and learning the skills you will need for the industry is not a bad deal.

7. You will find a club that fits you

JWU is crazy about there clubs. They have over 100+ clubs to join so you can go crazy too. At the beginning of the year they will have a club expo event thing with all the clubs there so find one and get apart of the school. They have everything from dance, culinary/baking clubs, animal clubs, R.A positions, etc. Check it out at least. You will find one that you like, whether you join or not that’s completely up to you.

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8. You will attend an event at JWU

Between all the Resident Assistants (R.A.’s) in the halls and trips/ events the school plans you will sure go to one of them. You can’t say you didn’t know about them because they are flyers all of the halls, JWU dining halls, and wildcat center. You will go to one so don’t fight it.


9. You will go to Movie Thursdays

Every Thursday and some Sundays the Wildcats Center will hold movie nights upstairs. The movies are present and not on Netflix, sometimes right out of the movie theater. Need plans on a Thursday night after class with no classes the next day or a date night with your love. Bring a blanket and grab a couch and free popcorn and cuddle up for a free movie. You’re a college student, anything free sounds good.

10. You will capture every moment

Your only in college once and you want to brag to all of your friends how awesome your school is and how awesome your major/classes are so you take endless pictures. Snap chat is the quick go-to, but I prefer Facebook to show my family their money is being well spent and I’m actually learning something. Capture every moment and give your families something to be proud of. They are most likely paying for it the least you can do is send them a couple pictures a week as proof.

Are there any other things that will happen at Johnson and Wales University on a daily basis?
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