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10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At Penn State University

10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At Penn State University

Penn State is known for football and ice cream, but there are so many other things that make it so unique. Here are 10 things that will 100% happen to you at Penn State.

Penn State is most known for its insane parties, outstanding football team and Berkey Creamery ice cream, but there are a lot of “just Penn State things” that make Penn State so unique. Whether you are a current Penn State student, alumni, or future student, you will definitely experience these things sooner or later. Here are 10 things that will happen in State College that only Penn State students could possibly understand and relate to.

1. You WILL secretly geek out when you see a football player walking around campus.

It may seem silly to people who don’t go to Penn State, but seeing a football player walking to class or going out to eat in downtown State College is like seeing a God! Yes, you know they are real people just like you, but something about spotting Trace McSorley walking by the Forum makes you fangirl. You may even go as far as taking the long way to class to find out exactly where that football player is headed next. You also know that all the freshman on the football team live on the seventh floor of Beaver Hall in Pollock!



2. You will be wearing your best Penn State gear 100% of the time

Throughout your years at Penn State, you will find yourself buying more Penn State themed clothes and accessories than you thought existed. From Penn State earrings, to fuzzy sweatshirts with the Nittany Lion logo, and even blue-tinted sunglasses with the famous “we are” painted across the lenses. Whether its walking to class or going to a football or basketball game, chances are you are dressed head to toe in a full Penn State wardrobe.

3. You will wander aimlessly down to Frat Row

Ah, Frat Row, where all freshman treck to from the far away East Halsl each weekend in hopes that a fraternity will let them in. You’ll put on a full face of makeup (and quickly sweat it off), probably lose your fracket and end up either getting into a Frat easily or being denied from so many Frats that you’re forced to walk home.

4. You will hear someone say, “It’s (insert time), and Michigan STILL SUCKS!”

No matter what time of day or year, nothing brings Penn State students together more than their mutual hate for the University of Michigan. Even when Penn State is playing Ohio State (another one of every Penn Stater’s enemies), you’ll smile when you hear someone scream “It’s 10:53 and Michigan still sucks!!!”


5. You count on the WHOOP and BLOOP in the winter

Understanding the White and Blue bus loops is the key to surviving winter at Penn State. You have the CATA app that tracks the buses for you and you squeeze your way onto the Whoop or the Bloop every day so you don’t have to walk to class in the cold. The best part is when you sprint out the door and make it to the bus stop just in time for the driver to shut the door in your face!!

6. You will hear the Willard Preacher talking his usual nonsense

No one ever seems to know what the Willard Preacher is going on and on about when he stands outside Willard every day talking to himself, rain or shine. When you spot him in that bright red sweatshirt all the way from East Pollock Rd, you know it’s going to be an interesting day.

7. You will be sick as a dog, but UHS will tell you it’s just the common cold

The reason most Penn State students are sick all the time is because you don’t bother going to UHS. When you finally cave and make an appointment, UHS usually just tells you its the common cold, or some kind of virus, when in reality, you have the flu.

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8. You will pay to eat at the buffet in Waring Commons just to get a West cookie

West cookies are famous at Penn State; the gooey, under-baked chocolate chip cookies are self-served straight off the sheet they are baked on. You will probably find yourself eating more than one cookie, going as far as sneaking four or five cookies into a Tupperware container to take home!


9. You find yourself spending all the money you don’t have at McLanahan’s

McLanahan’s is heaven for Penn State students, with cheap t-shirts you can cut up into a cool crop top for game day. Every Friday before game day, McLanahan’s will be crawling with students doing some last minute shopping as they try to put together a new outfit (and don’t forget the iconic Nittany Lion ears!).

10. You will wake up at 6 A.M. just to buy football tickets

You will wake up bright and early one day in the middle of the summer, ready with two computers (just in case one freezes) to buy football season tickets. When you finally get them (if they don’t sell out in five minutes),  you’ll curl right back into bed and sleep for a few more hours!

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