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Things That Used To Be Looked Down Upon In Fashion, Getting Reborn As The Hot Trends

Things That Used To Be Looked Down Upon In Fashion, Getting Reborn As The Hot Trends

Fasion is an ever-changing field. Every damn week there something new becomes a trend, and said trends become obsolete within several months of existence. (Not very sustainable, if I’m being compeltely honest.)

Just as fashion trends evolve, so do people’s opinions. Something that was fashionable ten years ago may be looked at with disdain now. (See what happened to outfits comprising entirely of jeans? Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake rocked those back in the day, but until recently it was considered a serious mauvais ton.

However, the constantly evolving nature of fashion ends up resulting in a lot of trends eventually making a comeback, because of the combined factors of a) nostalgia, b) everything (okay, maybe not every- but most things) having been done already and c) the newest obsession with repurposing and recycling old items instead of disposing them. The fact that a lot of the young population is always obsessed with something old-fashioned and retro definitely helps in this aspect, too.


So let’s discuss some of the fashion trends that have made a comeback after being dethroned, and make some potential predictions.

All jean everything

Just as I’d mentioned above, outfits comprising entirely of denim were all the rage at some point in our existence. The iconic full-jean look that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake sported as a couple happened eighteen years ago, at the 2001 AMAs.

For the longest time, until this or last year, this look grew to be perceived as something properly ugly. Most fashion influencers and connoiseurs would advice strongly against wearing too much denim, for some reason – while I’d have to mostly agree with the fact that full-on jeans with a denim jacket and a denim hat, or a denim maxi dress are a bit too much, I myself do appreciate some complete denim looks.


It looks fresh yet somewhat vintage, with a bit of tasteful nostalgia flair – and fashion definitely rides off of nostalgia flair, as I’d already mentioned.

Things That Used To Be Looked Down Upon In Fashion, Getting Reborn As The Hot Trends

Socks and sandals

Somehow, socks – even transparent see-through socks – when worn under open shoes used to be a subject of a lot of judgment and scrutiny.


The socks and sandals look, that used to be – and still kind of is – associated very strongly with white middle-aged father figures, would result in you getting joked about all the time, regardless of age, gender or locations.

Nowadays, however, not only has this look become cool and fashionable, it has done so with the help of very major, expensive brands – they put those on their models during photoshoots and whatnot.

Obviously it still comes with limitations (for now?): satin socks under sandals are still considered slightly weird, and the brigther the socks – the more likely people will think that you’re doing this for fashion, rather than because you supposedly have no taste.


Things That Used To Be Looked Down Upon In Fashion, Getting Reborn As The Hot Trends

Visor hats

Visor hats used to be in trend first in the early 80s, then in the early 2000s, and now, as we’re almost in early 2020s they’re back to being cool yet again, due to how cyclical it all is.

With visors having made a comeback, you can find them anywhere – be it luxury brands like Prada and Dior, or slightly more affordable fashion retailers like Forever21, ASOS or even Adidas.

Frankly, while on the one hand I kind of understand why visors turned into something that was briefly looked down upon within the fashion culture, I have to say that… I personally think that they look extremely dope – especially neon plastic see-through visors. I just honestly think they’re neat, and I can understand why they keep making cyclical comebacks.

Things That Used To Be Looked Down Upon In Fashion, Getting Reborn As The Hot Trends

Elephant pants

Extremely baggy, wide-leg flared jeans that just flow around your body and only cling to it on the waist are back.

It’s kind of hilarious, because a lot of outlets and ‘fashionistas’ scream about how elephant jeans should stay in the past and please never make a comeback, but I personally… adore those, and I think that it’s great that they’re making a fashion resurgence.

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They are comfortable, they ae a bit boho and bohemian, they suit any style from the more grungy, to the more frilly-hippie outfits… they’re great.

People’s main criticism about elephant jeans is that they, supposedly, are so baggy that they don’t do your curves any justice, but I can only disagree – I get the most compliments on my figure when I wear them, so don’t listen to that in case that’s what stopping you from jumping on this fashion trend and getting yourself a pair.

Things That Used To Be Looked Down Upon In Fashion, Getting Reborn As The Hot Trends

Shoulder pads

While a lot of people attempt to steer clear of shoulder pads for whatever reason they might have – which is totally fine, because everybody’s fashion sense is different and that’s totally valid – some seem repulsed by padded shoulders in blazers and jackets to the point of begging this fashion trend not to resurge.

As far as I remember, it was briefly in trend when I was a young teen – around twelve years-old – as well, so just as many trends I’d mentioned beforehand in this article, it’s also resurging again, and pretty abruptly at that.

Personally, I think it’s pretty cool, mixing something that looks vintage into a potenially calm office look without breaking any guidelines. It also makes your silhoutelle look more majestic and, even, slightly threatening – and who’s not up for a little bit of that?

Things That Used To Be Looked Down Upon In Fashion, Getting Reborn As The Hot Trends

This is, obviously, not the exclusive list of trends making a comeback – because, let’s be real, most things that are ‘in-fashion’ nowadays are relics of the past – from leather jackets, to chokers, to creepers.

Still, these are the trends I’ve seen the most upheaval and disgruntlement over when, really, I personally believe them to be dope. Maybe it’s my Gen Z nature, though.

So what do you think about these trends? Are there any other old fashion trends that have made a comeback and are making you reel in agony? Let’s talk fashion in the comments below!

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