8 Things That Totally Suck At University of Maryland

Every college has those few quirks that you wish you could change. At the University of Maryland, every student can point out hundreds of things that could use a change. But, these are some of the top things that suck at UMD.

1. The hilly walks to class.

It’s like Mount Everest over here. When there’s a way, there’s a hill. Just a quick walk to class can compare to a hike on a small mountain. No wonder everyone is sweating when they get to class. We get it, University of Maryland, you want to keep us in shape. Maybe we would be in better shape if you would do something about the food located in #2.

2. The Diner, oh the Diner.

No one knows if it’s chicken or if it’s some unidentified meat. It’s tough choosing from so many options when they all suck. Everything’s either under cooked or just plain sketchy, avoid this place as much as possible. Many students find it best to come in and out of here as fast as possible to avoid diseases.

3. The excuse we call our dorms.

It’s kind of hard to make a place feel like home when it’s a small excuse for a jail cell. No air conditioning makes the dorms even worse. Where is our money for room and board going if we can’t even implement some air conditioning? These buildings must be at least 50-years-old.

4. The gyms.

Dear Eppley and Ritchie, you guys are the reason no one wants to go to the gym. It’s always ridiculously hot, even with the shocking total of two fans that they keep in the room. The equipment looks old enough for George Washington to have used it. Invest in some better air circulation and equipment that isn’t ancient.

5.  The Health Center.

Honestly, save your time. There is no purpose in even visiting the health center. You could be dying of a deadly disease and they would probably just tell you to come back in a few days if it gets worse. If you’re lucky, they’ll tell you to take Advil. If you really want to receive medical help, you’re better off asking a friend at the University of Maryland.

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6. The buses that claim to run every 10 minutes.

Bus who? Never heard of him. These buses truly are something else. Whenever you need to catch one, they aren’t anywhere to be seen. When you don’t need one, they’re everywhere. The bus times are almost always inaccurate. The worst time to be on a bus is after 2 a.m.. It’s crowded, it’s sweaty, and there is usually throw up involved.

7. The bars, mainly Bents.

Sorry Bents, we’ve had enough of the freshman taking over the bars. Bents has gone from a fun place to chill to the freshman trap spot. Even with lines consistently out the door, you can still feel the freshmen shaking as they hand their fake IDs to the bouncers, praying they’ll get in. We miss how Bents was before the freshmen took over and turned it into a play place.

8. The Wi-Fi.

Our professors require us to do work on our cell phones and computers, but how do they expect us to get our work done when the WiFi sucks. Since the WiFi is campus-wide, it has it’s strong spots and weak spots. Its strongest spot is still embarrassingly weak. On top of that, you usually have to sign into your University of Maryland account each time you want to access the WiFi. Come on UMD, “Wi” can’t you make life a little easier?

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Saige Dara

Hey guys I'm Saige, and I'm currently a student at the University of Maryland. I'm actually a business major, so I'm not really sure why I write these articles. But, I'd say they're pretty good for a business major!

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