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10 Things That Totally Suck At UNH

10 Things That Totally Suck At UNH

While it is a great university overall, there are some things that totally suck at UNH. If you're a UNH student, you'll definitely relate.

Some may think that there is a “perfect” college out there. Even though UNH is loved for a variety of reasons (more good than bad), with every school comes an annoying list of things that just suck. Keep reading to see a list of things that totally suck at UNH.

1. PARKING (or lack there of I should say)

Holy crap. There are over 15,000 students on this campus (not really including freshman because they can’t have cars which is BS), add to that all the staff and visitors, etc., and yet there is ALWAYS a struggle to find a parking spot no matter where you go. I think I’ve seen more people flipping other people off for stealing there parking spot than I have seen empty parking spots. I have had two visitors who understand how shitty the parking is here, and they just park wherever and accept the ticket they most likely receive the morning after their stay (what are you going to do, ya know?)


2. Stillings being closed on the weekends.

Okay maybe it’s just me who is too damn lazy to find another food source, but when Stillings is closed, I feel as though I am being stabbed in the heart until they open again (okay I’m over-exaggerating obviously, but it’s sad). It really is a struggle when you live in Stoke to (especially in these terrible winter months) walk downtown, or to HOCO to find out they don’t have anything you want to eat. Yup. I am going to stop myself there before I ramble on about food for days. Bottom line, Stillings should have better hours (help a sister out).



3. Walking from Stoke to Willy or Xsen.

Yes I know.. here I go again talking about how lazy I am to walk places. But this one relates because I hear people complain about it all the time, so I know it’s not just me before you judge. This campus isn’t that big once you get used to it, but holy hell does that walk seem like an eternity unless you are Usain Bolt or running from the cops (which I have never done, and hope you haven’t either I just thought it was a good example).

4. Plowing after a snow storm.

I may not be the one doing the plowing, and I know that I don’t understand how difficult it is for the people who actually do, but holy shit does it mess things up. I truly feel we would be better off avoiding it totally and moving on with life. They try to plow around cars which creates a separate force field of snow around each car which is enough to annoy anyone. THEN, after they do that, they continue to take all the snow and (I know they have no other options) block a good amount of spaces which only creates more parking madness… okay, mini rant over.


5. Long wait at Health Services.

It’s good to know that if I was dying, I would still have to see three different people before getting to see an actual doctor. I mean, it’s funny because odds are the actual doctor is going to tell you that you have a cold even though you literally have every symptom of the flu. I just love walking out of there coughing excessively, sneezing up a storm, with no prescription for medicine in my germ-filled hand… NOT.


6. Philly is the only dining hall with late-night.

Sometimes I just don’t want to use my dining dollars to get food when it’s late at night and I’m hungry. But I have to unless I want to travel from what feels like NH to CA to get late-night dining hall food that’s probably bad for me anyway. This is when I start to question whether feeding myself is really worth the struggle… sorry not sorry.



7. Wildkitty is SO busy on the weekend nights.

Relating to #6, comes another reason to just avoid food at night. Wildkitty is open until 1 am, but ABORT MISSION on even attempting to get food there that late because its pointless. Every drunk college student apparently gets hungry around the same time during the weekends because it seems like the whole campus is in one building at the SAME DAMN TIME (peep my Future song reference).

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8. No “perfect” time to go the gym.

Odds are, you have tried to go to the gym at so many different times, just trying to find a time where it isn’t busy. JOKES ON YOU because it feel like it’s busier than New Orleans on Mardi Gras. Okay that’s a bit far fetched, but people at UNH sure do appreciate their exercise, and it shows by how packed the gym can be. Sometimes I walk in the gym with full motivation, see how busy it is, and walk right out.. VOILA! My exercise for the day in a nutshell.

9. Freshman can’t have cars on campus.

It doesn’t seem like it would be such a problem, but damn is it crappy to not have a car on campus as a freshman. I guess it would be next to impossible because of the lack of parking at UNH, but it gets to a point where taking the bus is such an inconvenience and an annoyance. It’s important during your freshman year (as I have learned), to make upperclassmen friends so they can be your personal chauffeur (but they don’t need to know that’s what you really think of them).


10. UNH is the school of no Holidays off (sort of).

Obviously there are specific holidays every school has to have off, but there are some holidays like Presidents Day for example, that UNH doesn’t have off when other schools do. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend that day reminiscing and celebrating upon the lives and successes of past presidents? LOL totally kidding, but the day off from classes would be nice when my friends from other schools get it off but UNH doesn’t.


Even though there are some things at UNH that just suck, everyday is still a great day to be a wildcat!

Are there any other things that totally suck at UNH? Comment below.
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