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10 Things That Totally Suck At The University of Rhode Island

10 Things That Totally Suck At The University of Rhode Island

Every college has its ups and downs. Choosing a college is like window shopping, you see what they want you to see. Once you start in the fall, you see the true campus. So I present you with 10 things that totally suck at the University of Rhode Island.

1. If you’re not in Hillside what’s the point?

Hillside is easily the nicest freshman dorm. If you don’t live there then I’m sorry. Enjoy living with cockroaches and rats.

2. A coastal school is nice but…

THE RAIN IS NEVER ENDING. Class across campus? Better bet it’s going to start raining. Did you just do your hair? Aw sorry, RAIN.



3. Butt closes on weekends.

Finding a table at Hope is a nightmare. 14,000 students with one dining hall is equivalent to hell. Kiss your happiness goodbye.

4. URI literally runs on Dunkin.

Just got out of an 8am and think no one will be at Dunks? Think again. The line is always out the door no matter what time it is.


5. Not exactly your flattest campus.

It’s not called the “Elephant Hill” for nothing. The name is 100% worthy. You basically feel like you were run over by an elephant at the top. Really fun and a daily occurrence here at URI.

6. “New year, new me” resolutions.

You won’t find a machine at the gym once January swings around and the freshman 15 finally sets in for everyone, the gym will be a zoo.



7. Uber everywhere.

Parties are lit, but the Uber fees aren’t. They’re all off campus and about 20 minutes away. So start saving up if you want to go out.

8. Good luck finding parking (traffic jam).

Pretty cool that freshman can bring their cars to school, but so can the rest of the students. You’ll circle the parking lot for what seems like a lifetime just to find a spot. Don’t be that person to make up your own spot because YOU WILL get a ticket and trust me those are not fun to pay #brokecollegestudent

9. Have fun running to class!

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At some point in your time spent here at URI you will have back-to-back classes. Not a big deal because 10 minutes of the allotted time is enough to walk across campus. WRONG – you will find yourself at a brisk jog trying to get to class on time. Then when you finally make it to class and sit down, you’ll be profusely sweating. Good luck trying to make friends looking like that!

10. Don’t even think about finding a table in the library during finals.


There will be a mob at the door waiting for the library to open during finals week. The poor librarians get run over, but first come first serve. There will be those selfish people taking up a whole table for just themselves, so save yourself the hassle and drop out of college and find yourself a sugar daddy!


Don’t worry though, even though some aspects suck overall we love it here! URI is not just a college but it’s our home.

What are some other things that totally suck at the University of Rhode Island? Comment below!
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