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10 Things That Totally Suck At Temple University

10 Things That Totally Suck At Temple University


Temple University students are definitely one of the most loyal, dedicated, and full of school spirit. However, because we love Temple so much, we have to admit that there are some things that suck about it. So here are 10 things that totally suck at Temple University!

1. When you run out of meal swipes.

Nothing is more embarrassing than going to the dining hall and the employee tells you that you’re all out of meal swipes and…you have no money on you.

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2. The dining halls closing on the weekends.

During the weekdays, the dining halls are open until 2 am, and on the weekends only until 8. That’s a HUGE difference. It also sucks because the food trucks are also closed on the weekends. So our only other options? Take out.


3. Thinking you got a text, but it’s really just another TUAlert.

Think you got a text from bae? Nope. It’s just another TUAlert.


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4. You can never find a free computer at the Tech Center or the library.

There are HUNDREDS of computers at the Tech Center, yet it’s still impossible to find a free one! You circle around the whole building a few times, until you finally get lucky. When it’s midterms and finals? Forget about it, because the Tech becomes the next annual Hunger Games, since EVERYONE is trying to get on a computer to prep for their exams.

5. How confusing some of the buildings are.

Of course everyone knows that Anderson and Gladfelter are confusing as heck, but what about Ritter Hall? Having a class at the “Ritter Annex” is COMPLETELY different than Ritter Hall…like what? It gets even more confusing because you can’t use certain entrances, even when they’re closer to your classrooms.


6. There’s no Wawa.

There is LITERALLY 3 7/11 stores at Temple University, so why not add a Wawa? Coming from New Jersey where there was a Wawa on every corner, it sucks when you get to Temple and there’s none.

7. The food trucks don’t accept meal swipes.

The food trucks have much better food than the dining halls and they’re super cheap. Yet, we can’t use our meal swipes! I mean, how much better would it be if we could use our meal swipes on the food trucks? Think about it.

8. The expensive student parking passes.

Temple already expects thousands of dollars for tuition, so why can’t they make the parking passes a little cheaper?

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9. So many Gen Ed requirements.

Is it REALLY necessary to have to take 2 Mosaics classes, 2 Science classes, and a bunch of other Gen Eds?

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10. When the shuttle bus takes FOREVER to get where you are.

In those 30 minutes of waiting for the shuttle, you could have already walked back to your dorm.


What are some other things that totally suck at Temple University? Make sure to leave a comment down below!
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