10 Things That Totally Suck At Syracuse University

Every college has its ups and downs. Choosing a college is like window shopping, you see what they want you to see. Once you start in the fall, you see the true campus. So I present you with 10 things that totally suck at Syracuse University.

1. The weather!

Obviously anyone applying to Syracuse knows they have just applied to live in a frozen tundra, but people do not understand just how cold and windy it can be. On Valentines Day, 2016 the temperature was a lovely -22 degrees. At least it gave students an excuse to bundle up with a romantic comedy.


2. The Mount steps.

If you are a freshmen living on Mount Olympus you understand the struggle of walking up the steps. Whether you count 170 or 128.



3. Breakfast is only served until 10:30 on weekdays.

When you have an 12 o’clock class and you try to sleep in and get breakfast, but you get to the dining hall and all they have is lunch your heart breaks a little.

4. Breakfast is the only thing served until 3 on weekends.

While weekdays need longer breakfast weekends need shorter breakfast, breakfast until 3 is great only when you pulled an all nighter. Otherwise more normal hours would be appreciated.


5. Paying for laundry.

$65K a year should mean free laundry, but instead were counting quarters.

6. Ratio

In order for guys to get into parties they need to bring more girls than the amount of guys. Always annoying for guys, almost as much as the cover fee.



7. The Football Team

We bleed orange, but we want more wins.

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8. How cliche everyone dresses.

All anyone sees on campus is a sea of Canada Goose Jackets, L.L. Bean boots, Patagonia’s, Polo and Vineyard Vines. Of course you cannot forget those crop tops and chokers as well.


9. Waking up to sirens every night.

As Syracuse is a known party school seeing an ambulance or DPS car at a dorm is not an uncommon sighting sadly. While it is much more common Thursday thru Saturday seeing them during the week is not unheard of.

10. The fact Syracuse is only known for partying and sports!

While we do have a great party scene and a great sports program we also have some great academic programs. Our Architecture school is #3 in the country and our iSchool is #1. In addition Newhouse is a widely recognized school for communications with notable alumni Dick Clark and Bob Costas.


Despite these problems ever student here still bleeds Orange!

Are there any other things that totally suck at Syracuse University?
Featured photo source: aliveacmpus.com and washingtontimes.com