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10 Things That Totally Suck At SDSU

10 Things That Totally Suck At SDSU

Palm trees, nice weather, and a beautiful campus. Shockingly, there are things that totally suck at SDSU that have made their way on this list.

Palm trees, nice weather, and a beautiful campus. Going to San Diego State University may seem like its all fun and games, but don’t be fooled. Things can get a little rough, like these 10 things that totally suck at SDSU!

The sunshine is things that totally suck at SDSU!

1. The bridge is way too long

After a long day of class, the last thing you want to do is cross the infamous SDSU bridge. Not only is it way too long, you also have to walk uphill on one side while simultaneously dodging reckless skater boys.


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2. Chipotle doesn’t accept meal plan

Really Chipotle, why do you have to do me like this?  Freshmen year meal plan is the ultimate struggle when you’re walking back from class and absolutely need a burrito bowl.

3. The library is ridiculously confusing

Media center, Love Library, Dome, what’s the difference?  Apparently a lot.  There’s two separate libraries and multiple floors and areas in each so finding your study group is a struggle and a half.


4. Course key radius is too small

Classes that require you to check in on Course key are a pain in themselves, but even more annoying is that you have to be within a few miles for it to register.  How am I supposed to pretend to be in class when I’m partying up at ASU for the week?

5. There aren’t enough flyers

Flyers are the perfect way to find out about events and organizations, so we should have people handing them out in more places! It surely isn’t enough to only station at the union, the walkways, east commons, west commons, the bridge, the other side of the bridge, your dorm, your room, the back of your eyelids.

6. Days are too sunny

Sunny weather everyday, are you serious?  As I put on my shorts and sunglasses to head out to class, I gaze at my retired rain jacket with great sorry.  Maybe one day you will have your time to shine.


The sunshine is things that totally suck at SDSU!

7. Nights are too cold

The sunny daytime weather takes a drastic turn for the absolute worst around 5pm. Temperatures drop under 70 degrees, believe it or not.  San Diego State University campus or arctic tundra, you tell me.

The cold nights are things that totally suck at SDSU!


8. There are never enough parties

Sure there’s Margarita Monday, Tequila Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, and Thirsty Thursday, but where’s the catchy slogan for Fridays?  Guess you’ll have to stay in.

The parties are things that totally suck at SDSU!

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9. The beach is way too far

Twenty whole minutes to drive to Mission, Pacific, or Ocean Beach?  I could better spend that time waiting around to find a parking spot on campus in the morning.

The beach is things that totally suck at SDSU!

10. There’s nowhere to relax

The library is eerily quiet, the turtles in the koi pond are way too aggressive, and the therapy dog always looks at you funny.  A girl just can’t catch a break at this school can she?


Dog therapy is things that totally suck at SDSU!

Things don’t get much worse than petting puppies and paying for Chipotle with cash.

Do you have anything to add to the list of things that totally suck at SDSU!? Share in the comments below!

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