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10 Things That Totally Suck At PSU

10 Things That Totally Suck At PSU

From the public transportation to the meal plans and tuition, here are a few things that totally suck at PSU when you're a student at Penn State University.

PSU is an amazing college. But with every good, comes a little bad. From the amazing public transportation to the meal plans we all love, here are a few things that just straight up suck at Penn State!

1) Public Transportation.

Cata busses are not fun in any way shape or form.


2) The tuition.

Enough said.

3) The hills.

Walking to class seems like a good idea until you’re dripping sweat and collapsing at the top of Shortlidge.


4) The winters.

Very rarely does the school cancel class, so basically, I hope you know how to ice skate.


5) The HUB rush.

Certain times of the day are just a no – go in the HUB.

6) How fast your meal plan runs out.

Louie’s and Good to Go will suck the money from your soul.


7) Not being a big bar school.

Once you’re 21 the bars are lit, but having a fake ID you can’t use at school just sucks.

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8) Lionpath.

Bane of all students’ existence.


9) The Penn State plague.

If one person is sick, there is absolutely no avoiding it.

10) The parking.

Nowhere to park, and so many cars… the math does not add up.


Do you face any of these problems at PSU? Let us know in the comments!
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