10 Things That Totally Suck At Penn State University

While it's a great university overall, there are some things that totally suck at Penn State University. If you go to PSU, you'll definitely relate!

Although Penn State is arguably one of the best schools to attend, I think we can all agree on several things that truly suck about this school. Keep reading for 10 things that totally suck at Penn State University.

1. The food is absolutely disgusting.

All of the food at Penn State sucks. The food that’s served on campus is inedible and almost always leaves you feeling queasy afterwards. To make matters worse, the options for food off campus are not much better. Everyone can admit to at least one time that they pondered where to get food with their friends and the final decision was to just to say “fuck it” and starve. And then go to Chipotle because that’s one of the only places that people enjoy eating around here.

2. There is literally no fucking parking.

Not only is there no parking available for students on campus, but this university LOVES to give its students a ridiculous amount of parking tickets. Yes, you’re technically not supposed to park on campus without a parking pass, but sometimes it’s freezing outside and you don’t want to walk to class. Or maybe you’re really hungover. Or maybe a little bit of both. Sometimes you just have to risk it. And almost every time, you end up getting a ticket. Even worse, you could get towed.

People¬†get parking tickets and get their car towed probably on a daily basis off campus as well. When you’re downtown, stopping in Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts for ten fucking minutes, you will likely come outside to ANOTHER ticket. It’s like they know we’re broke college students but they just don’t give a shit because they’re making stacks off of us.


3. Despite serious weather conditions, we will never have classes cancelled.

It’s nearly impossible to get out of bed knowing that you have to trek 15 minutes through the ice and snow to class. Penn State refuses to cancel class even when students are visibly slipping on ice. Onward State wrote an article with footage that showcases this shitty situation.

4. The Willard Building

Everyone knows that having class in Willard is shitty for 2 reasons: the Willard preacher and the heating system. After walking 15 to 20 minutes to class, no one wants to hear the Willard preacher spew about how we’re all going to hell. Also, the temperature is just always wrong. During every season. It’s always too fucking hot or too fucking cold.

5. Greek Life

If you’re a part of it or if you’re not a part of it, you most likely hate Greek life. For the most part, frat bros and sorority sisters are obnoxious AF. Currently Greek life is facing a variety of new social restriction. Basically college-aged students who make rules for all of the Greek organizations are telling them they can’t go out and drink for the rest of the semester. Let’s see how that turns out.

6. The Hub

Yes the Hub is conveniently located and newly renovated, but it’s always packed out with people. There is never anywhere to sit and sometimes you can’t even move through the crowd to get upstairs or to get to your favorite food place. And the food vendors close SO EARLY. Sometimes you just want Chick-Fil-A after 5 o’clock.


7. The Health Center

The health center kinda really DEFINITELY fucking sucks. It’s very difficult to receive immediate care and it’s also unusual to receive adequate care. I really feel like some of those clinicians and nurses do not know what they are doing. I’m sure many of you have had unpleasant experiences there and can agree.

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8. Somewhere on campus is always under construction

You’re always running into blocked off areas or fences around campus. Loud and annoying jack hammers will wake you up if you live on campus. You might have to take a longer route to get to a certain building because construction is in your way. Annoying AF. Now they’re renovating East Halls and you’re just like … where the fuck were you when I was a freshman? The freshmen dorms are actually gross. That’s just plain rude.

9. Most of the professors

Try to name more than five professors that have significantly impacted your academia in a positive way. Try it. I dare you. I can really only think of one or two. It feels like a lot of them don’t care about actually providing their students with useful information, or actually teaching them how to understand a difficult concept. We pay all this money to figure everything out for ourselves.

10. Starbucks downtown doesn’t take Lion Cash

Okay that was really¬†basic of me. But I honestly couldn’t think of 10 real things that ACTUALLY suck at Penn State. It’s a really amazing school to be at, don’t get me wrong.

But Starbucks is literally the only place downtown that doesn’t take Lion Cash and it’s so annoying. Lion Cash is so convenient for so many students. FIGURE IT OUT STARBUCKS. Great place to study though. Not gonna lie.


What are some other things that totally suck at Penn State University? Comment below!
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