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10 Things That Totally Suck At Grand Valley State University

10 Things That Totally Suck At Grand Valley State University

Love or hate your school, every one has their list of what really sucks about their school. If you go to Grand Valley State University, here is the list you can definitely relate to.

Students who love their school will still be able to list off the aspects that suck about it. If you go to Grand Valley State University, here’s 10 things that suck I’m sure you can relate to. 

1. Size.

This can be a good thing but not when you try to get a quick bite to eat on campus and  end up bumping into everyone. It can range from co-workers to classmates to old high school peeps you were hoping you could avoid.

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2. Doors.

Everyone holds doors open for people at Grand Valley State University. To a degree when politeness that just seems weird. You don’t have to wait one to five minutes just so I can get through the door. Thanks.

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3. Tailgating.

We get it, it gets crazy before games. But please put your empty bottles in the trash!

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4. Printing.

This has just recently become a problem but avoiding printing at certain buildings can be “easier said than done” at Grand Valley State University.

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5. Food.

Rotate your on-campus food choices. It can get repetitive really quickly.

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6. Textbooks.

They are expensive as hell and just use the price comparison feature. Most schools bookstores aren’t cheap either but at least Grand Valley State University doesn’t hide which places give you a better deal.

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7. Printing.

Yes, this deserves another spot. Chances are you hit a good day if the printer isn’t down somewhere. Don’t try fixing it yourself either. IT will get pissed at you.

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8. Parking.

Parking is incredibly expensive due to lack of it at Grand Valley State University. Don’t be that guy who thinks they can get away with parking in the handicap spot in the landing zone under fuel. Guess what? You can’t.

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9. Buses.

If you aren’t slightly buzzed and you’re on a bus during the weekend, you are in for a world of obnoxious annoyance. Skip the trip and phone a friend. It isn’t worth it.

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10. If you go under the blue bridge structure you aren’t going to have bad luck.

You will get weird stares from people who believe in the superstition though. Yes it is annoying having to deal with societal norms but don’t be the odd one out in this situation at Grand Valley State University.

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